The Riverbed performance platform provides high performance gains and quick payback, enabling multiple IT initiatives simultaneously. With Riverbed solutions you can deliver transformed business capabilities to your globally connected enterprise. Discover the power of the performance platform and how it can enhance your most critical IT initiatives, including application acceleration, consolidation, cloud, desktop virtualization, disaster recovery, visibility & control, and many more…

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    WAN Optimization (Steelhead)

    WAN Optimization

    The Riverbed® Steelhead® family of products optimize the performance of applications across hybrid networks – made up of private, public and Internet-based networks - to connect people, applications and data to accelerate business performance.

    Network Performance Management

    Today’s IT ops teams need an end-user and app-first viewpoint in the way they monitor, troubleshoot and analyze their network performance. Riverbed Network Performance Management solutions provide end-to-end visibility and analytics to deliver actionable information to resolve performance problem rapidly and proactively.

    Application Delivery (Stingray)


    Stingray™ products accelerate, control, and secure web applications by routing, inspecting, and prioritizing application traffic. With Stingray, enterprises can transform application performance, both in the data center and the cloud.

    Application Performance Management

    Performance Management

    Riverbed Application Performance Management solutions provide IT with the visibility and actionable insight to help deliver the application performance that users and business demand.

    Branch Converged Infrastructure (SteelFusion)

    Riverbed storage consolidation granite

    An industry first, SteelFusion™ products enable the consolidation of storage infrastructure such as Windows file servers and storage arrays from branch offices back to the data center without inhibiting branch application performance.

    Cloud Storage (Whitewater)

    Whitewater cloud

    Whitewater® cloud storage gateways eliminate tape, improve DR readiness and are 30 to 50% cheaper than disk and tape based solutions. Whitewater is built on industry-leading optimization, deduplication, and dual-layer encryption technology.

    Products A - Z

    Not sure where to start? Get an alphabetical list and description of all of our products - many include a video demo.

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  • Solutions

    Solutions Overview

    Using the Riverbed performance platform to place apps, data and IT infrastructure anywhere, all while delivering a superior user experience.

    Branch Office IT Consolidation

    Riverbed has powerful solutions for branch office virtualization, storage delivery, remote management, and more.

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    Riverbed solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery, include data replication, backup centralization, application availability, and more.

    Cloud Computing

    Cloud solution

    Solutions for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

    Data Center Modernization


    Solutions for consolidating and transforming your data center architecture.

    E-commerce and websites

    Acceleration, scalability, security, and monitoring solutions for eCommerce websites, corporate webpages, digital marketing sites, and more.

    Improving Application Performance

    Performance solutions for application operations and development.

    Location-Independent Computing

    Riverbed offers the most complete platform for Location-Independent Computing that ensures applications perform as expected, data is always available when needed and performance issues are detected and fixed before end users even notice.

    Mobility & Telecommuting

    Acceleration, availability, and monitoring solutions for remote workers, teleworkers, mobile website performance, and more.

    Programmability & Developer Tools

    Riverbed developer tools include APIs, SDKs, and a scripting language for customization, automation and integration.


    Acceleration, scalability, and troubleshooting solutions for virtualized desktops, servers, and networks.

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  • Solutions By Software Type

    CAD applications

    Acceleration, collaboration, centralization, and troubleshooting solutions for AutoCAD, Dassault Systemes, Bentley, PTC, and more

    Custom and other applications

    Riverbed acceleration, scalability, control, and troubleshooting solutions for content management systems, asset management and configuration software, and other applications.

    Collaboration and Productivity

    Performance solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, and Microsoft Office 365, IBM Lotus, file sharing, and more

    Desktop and application virtualization

    Riverbed solutions for VMware View, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, and more.

    E-commerce and websites

    Acceleration, scalability, security, and monitoring solutions for eCommerce websites, corporate webpages, digital marketing sites, and more

    ERP & CRM applications

    Solutions for SAP, Oracle E-Business, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce.com and more

    Data protection software

    Replication acceleration, bandwidth management, cloud integration, and troubleshooting solutions for RecoverPoint, SnapMirror, NetBackup, Backup Exec, Veeam, and more

    Unified communications

    Load-balancing, network optimization, and monitoring solutions for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Microsoft Lync, and more


    Monitoring and management solutions for Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, video broadcasts, and more

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  • Solutions By Industry


    IT has always been the backbone of the airline business, and because of globalization fast networks and advanced applications are more important than ever. Airlines are striving to differentiate their brands, increase cross-airline collaboration, and streamline operations.

    Energy & Utility

    Energy - industry solutions

    As worldwide demands for energy rise due to population growth and quality of life improvements, the energy industry will continue to realize significant growth and change.

    Financial Services

    Financial institutions around the globe turn to Riverbed to help them better understand their networks and application performance, to optimize and dramatically accelerate applications, enable server and datacenter consolidation projects and to facilitate fast, secure access for cloud storage.


    Government - industry solutions

    Hundreds of government organizations worldwide turn to Riverbed for help in meeting the most demanding IT goals in serving the needs of the citizens, achieving mission targets, and supporting warfighters.


    healthcare - industry solutions

    Healthcare organizations that choose Riverbed® performance solutions can improve the quality of their patient care and services while simultaneously reducing costs. From national clinic networks to major hospitals, there are many opportunities for improvements in IT performance.

    Manufacturing, Industrial, & Technology

    Companies in the manufacturing, industrial, and technology sectors all benefit from Riverbed® solutions that are deployed to improve time-to-market, reduce operational costs, and drive down risk.

    Media & Communications

    Media - Industry solutions

    In a deadline-driven industry like media, it’s critical that time-sensitive projects be completed and delivered on schedule, without exception. For global media firms that means 24/7 content delivery around the world—Riverbed® offers performance solutions to help.


    With an average cost of over $900 million and 15 years to develop a single new drug, most pharmaceutical companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to cut costs and shorten time-to-market.

    Retail & Consumer

    Riverbed® helps retail and consumer companies maximize profitability and enable better business and technology performance worldwide.

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  • Products A - Z

    Cascade Express

    Cascade Express is an all-in-one network monitoring and troubleshooting application and virtual solution that includes flow collection, deep packet inspection, analysis, and reporting in a single, easy-to-deploy appliance or virtual solution.

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    Cascade Gateway appliance

    The Cascade Gateway utilizes network flow data (NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX, etc.) for true enterprise-class flow monitoring. This solution is tightly integrated with world-class packet capture and analysis, allowing for proactive application and network performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

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    Cascade Pilot Personal Edition

    Offering superior, speedy LAN analysis for Wireshark users, Cascade Pilot Personal Edition dramatically increases efficiency in the identification and diagnosis of network performance problems.

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    Cascade Pilot software

    As you capture terabytes of packet data traversing your network, Riverbed Cascade Pilot software reads that traffic and presents it back to you via an easy-to-grasp graphical user interface. Analyze multi-TB recordings from locally-presented trace files or on remote Riverbed® Cascade® Shark applianc...

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    Cascade Profiler appliance(s)

    Riverbed Cascade Profiler gives you this lens to easily troubleshoot and find the root cause of network and application issues with end-to-end network performance monitoring

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    Cascade Sensor appliance(s)

    Managing end-user experience requires an understanding of application communications between infrastructure components. The Riverbed Cascade® Sensor appliance passively monitors Layer 7 application response time, which helps you do deep packet inspection, validate quality of service (QoS) concerns p...

    Cascade Shark appliance(s)

    High-performance packet capture provides easy troubleshooting network activity in real time with the always-on Cascade Shark appliance.

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    Cloud Steelhead appliance(s)

    Combining the speed of Steelhead WAN optimization, the elasticity of the public cloud, and cloud-intelligent features like transparent interception and portal-based management, Riverbed Cloud Steelhead® software lets you easily install and scale within Amazon Web Services or ESX-based cloud environm...

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    Distributed Agent-Based Packet Capture and Management

    Deploy free, lightweight agents across thousands of desktops and servers to capture packets for a federated repository of forensic data. Riverbed OPNET AppTransaction Xpert Packet Trace Warehouse allows you to centrally manage large-scale deployments via a secure web portal – all to accelerate appli...

    Gigabit Ethernet Packet Capture

    Featuring simultaneous full-rate capture and injection, multi-port traffic aggregation, and a configurable pass-thru mode, Riverbed TurboCap® capture board is a highly advanced packet capture and injection solution. It also offers a PCI Express, dual- or quad-port gigabit NIC, an optimized driver, a...

    Granite appliance(s)

    Riverbed SteelFusion is the first and only branch converged infrastructure that delivers local performance while enabling your data centralization, instant recovery, and lower TCO. SteelFusion converges your servers and storage into a single branch appliance while centralizing your data back to the ...

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    Granite appliance(s) - WAN Optimization with Server/Storage Optimization

    The winning combination of Riverbed Steelhead® EX and Granite™ technology lets you consolidate remote servers and storage into the data center with no degradation in performance for end users, even during WAN outages. With a simple add-on module to your Steelhead EX appliances, you can consolidate a...

    Interceptor appliance(s)

    Add a couple dozen Steelhead devices to your network, and you’ll need the Riverbed Interceptor® appliance to manage and scale the network-wide throughput. You’ll have the best management and administration capabilities to direct activity and network load.

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    OPNET AppInternals Xpert software

    Often the quickest path to identifying and fixing application problems starts with high-resolution performance monitoring of application components and the transaction which connects them. Riverbed® OPNET AppInternals Xpert™ traces, records and indexes all transactions in a unique, highly scalable b...

    OPNET AppMapper Xpert software

    Riverbed® OPNET AppMapper Xpert™ takes performance data from multiple sources to produce run-time application dependency maps for a complete picture of your application and infrastructure components. It’s a fantastic tool to use prior to any migration.

    OPNET AppResponse

    Do your users experience instant access and a consistent experience with the applications they need to perform business? If not, what are the causes? You can get detailed insight into your web and non-web applications, such as database transactions, video, voice, and Citrix server-based applications...

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    OPNET AppResponse Xpert - Unified Communications add-on module

    With this add-on module to Riverbed® OPNET AppResponse Xpert®, you can monitor and report on live voice and video calls. Easily manage voice, video, and data on the same network, and proactively resolve communication issues by using real-time and historical data on both application performance and c...

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    OPNET AppResponse Xpert appliance

    Wherever your users are located you can get detailed insight into the performance of their web and non-web applications. Readily see the response time of each application, by user, and the contributing sources of delay all along the communications chain.

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    OPNET AppResponse Xpert BrowserMetrix

    Don’t rely on user complaints to warn you of issues with web- and cloud-based applications. Catch performance problems before they materialize with a solution for monitoring the true behavior of web applications.

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    OPNET AppSensor Xpert

    Your network is filled with infrastructure components, but do you know what they’re all doing and how their behavior is affecting your applications? Riverbed® OPNET AppSensor Xpert captures data from all your components — including servers, application components, network devices, and storage system...

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    OPNET AppTransaction Xpert software

    Riverbed® OPNET AppTransaction Xpert™ software lets you perform detailed, deep analysis of transaction performance for today's complex multi-tier application architectures. Analyze individual transactions and troubleshoot application problems in production, or validate their good behavior prior to d...

    OPNET Modeler Suite

    Test a network design before you build it with Riverbed OPNET Modeler® Suite. Create a simulated network and run it through real-world scenarios to see how it can thrive with different technologies and network conditions.

    OPNET nCompass

    Troubleshoot faster and manage your network easier when you can actually see what’s happening as it’s happening. The more complicated your network is, the more you’ll begin to rely on the easy-to-read, real-time dashboards from Riverbed OPNET nCompass®.

    OPNET NetMapper

    Riverbed OPNET NetMapper® automatically generates accurate, up-to-date network maps and inventory reports, essential for troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, and change management so you better understand the relationships across all devices

    OPNET NetOne Suite

    Riverbed OPNET NetOne Suite combines our four popular management tools to help you plan, map, monitor, and audit your network. OPNET NetOne Suite comprises Riverbed OPNET Network Planner, Riverbed OPNET NetMapper, Riverbed OPNET nCompass, and Riverbed OPNET Sentinel.

    OPNET Network Planner

    Test a complete IT network prior to construction. Before you attach one node, enlist Riverbed OPNET Network Planner to get answers to network “what if” scenarios.

    OPNET Sentinel

    Stay compliant with regulatory, organizational, and security policies with a solution that’s continually auditing your network and security environment. Riverbed OPNET Sentinel analyzes the latest network-wide configuration to see if there are any device misconfigurations, policy violations, configu...

    OPNET Unified Communications Xpert

    Unified Communication Xpert empowers unified communications management with proactive automated VoIP testing, performance monitoring and configuration management and remote troubleshooting.

    Steelhead Cloud Accelerator software

    These days, companies rely more and more on SaaS products such as Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.com. To counter the latency and bandwidth constraints that plague Internet-based products like these, Riverbed Steelhead® Cloud Accelerator software speeds up your network's interactions with SaaS p...

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    Steelhead CX appliance(s)

    Deploy Riverbed Steelhead® CX series appliances and networking distance will no longer be a factor in business productivity. Steelhead CX appliances have one simple critical mission, and that’s speeding up the transfer of your data and applications over your WAN.

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    Steelhead DX appliance(s)

    Data Center-to-Data Center WAN optimization enables businesses to transfer and protect more data more often with greater visibility and less risk and cost

    Steelhead EX appliance(s)

    A specially designed all-in-one box combines virtualization and WAN optimization to get branch offices and all their applications up and running at business-ready speeds. It’s a brilliant solution for consolidating your sprawling and expensive IT infrastructure.

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    Steelhead Mobile Controller appliance

    Easily configure, monitor, upgrade, and report on groups of Riverbed Steelhead® appliances and Riverbed Virtual Steelhead® appliances — all through one easy-to-use web interface.

    Steelhead Mobile Controller appliance

    The Riverbed Steelhead® Mobile Controller (SMC) appliance manages Riverbed Steelhead® Mobile software licenses and controls the deployment, management, and reporting of Steelhead Mobile client software.

    Steelhead Mobile software

    Let your employees be equally productive when out of the office. Riverbed Steelhead® Mobile client software deployed on notebooks and desktops increases file and application access speeds eight to 100 times. Once installed, all the inherent problems of mobile such as inconsistent connectivity from v...

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    Stingray Application Firewall software

    Protect web and cloud applications against malicious attacks with this scalable, application-aware firewall software. Get the highest protection against known and unknown threats at the application layer. Easily deployed by itself or as an optional component of Stingray Traffic Manager software.

    Stingray Aptimizer software

    Web content optimization (WCO) software accelerates web applications without additional work from developers. Public-facing websites, e-commerce sites, business productivity tools, and custom applications are transformed for faster delivery, lower bandwidth, and happier users. Easily deployed by its...

    Stingray Services Controller Software

    Stingray Services Controller automates the rapid deployment of application delivery services for cloud-enabled data centers with a usage-based business model for true ADC-as-a-Service capability.

    Stingray Traffic Manager Software

    Give your end users a highly available, high-performance experience with Riverbed Stingray™ Traffic Manager software. This full-featured virtual Layer 7 ADC (application delivery controller) does far more than balance workloads your enterprise websites and cloud services. It also controls and optim...

    Virtual Steelhead appliance

    Now you can take advantage of virtualization’s inherent benefits of scalability and reduced cost by implementing Riverbed Virtual Steelhead® appliances. Because they live in a virtual data center environment, Virtual Steelhead appliances are also ideal for networking environments where physical foot...

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    Whitewater cloud storage appliance(s)

    With Whitewater appliances, cloud storage, and your existing backup and archiving applications you can: - Reduce storage and data protection costs by up to 80% - Achieve instant data recovery while reducing risk - Seamlessly integrate with leading backup and archiving applications ...

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    Wireless Traffic Packet Capture

    The only WLAN packet capture solution for Microsoft Windows-based environments, Riverbed AirPcap® adapter captures full 802.11 data packets that are viewable in Wireshark and Cascade Pilot software. Choose between three easy-to-deploy versions, each delivered on its own USB drive: AirPcap Classic, A...

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Riverbed. WAN optimization for your network: Application acceleration, WAN bandwidth optimization, and IT consolidation. Riverbed is the IT performance company. WAN optimization solutions from Riverbed liberate businesses from common IT constraints by increasing application performance, enabling consolidation, and providing enterprise-wide network and application visibility – all while eliminating the need to increase bandwidth, storage or servers. Thousands of companies trust Riverbed to deliver greater productivity and cost savings by making their IT infrastructure faster, less expensive and more responsive. Riverbed solutions are also available as managed services through select providers.

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