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Your organization may be struggling to keep pace with ever-changing technology - cloud, mobile, big data, virtualization - because IT systems were not architected with enough flexibility to embrace these paradigm shifts in applications and data, as well as the infrastructure they run on. This means end users are dissatisfied, employee productivity is low, and operational inefficiencies slow things down. At the same time, IT needs to deliver the availability, scalability and security requirements needed to keep the business running. We help companies overcome all of these challenges and achieve positive value from their technology investments. We do this through our performance platform, which gives IT the freedom to place apps, data and IT infrastructure anywhere, all while delivering a superior user experience.

Use Cases
Performance Platform

    Your users are increasingly distributed, while your applications are increasingly consolidated into virtualized data centers and cloud computing facilities. As more and more of your traffic is distributed, stored and transferred across the network, more and more traffic moves to the WAN and Internet.  Ensuring that application performance remains consistent for all users, whether employees, customers or partners – from wherever they are, on whatever device they’re using – is critical to success. Our solutions preserve and improve the user experience by accelerating applications over distance.

    The result:  more engaged and productive users of the applications that drive business critical processes.


    Your critical applications require fault tolerance and scalability to meet high availability requirements; but the explosion of user volume, adoption of modern virtualized and cloud architectures, and the ongoing need for tighter data security all contribute to challenges in delivering consistent, global performance. We give IT and the business the freedom to put applications and data anywhere (data center, mobile device, cloud) based on the right business decision and without impacting the user experience. Our solutions provide control over user traffic and network resources, allow applications to scale seamlessly, and IT to centralized critical data under their control.

    The result: users have a more consistent experience, IT gains greater control, and the business meets changing demand and network conditions.


    Your business depends on applications now more than ever because every delay and outage directly affects top-line and bottome-line results. Applications are how we reach customers, build products, automate back-end processes, and perform nearly every task critical to business. Availability and fast access for all applications is imperative, but complexity makes trouble shooting difficult. Our  solutions can greatly improve IT productivity and efficiency.

    The result: better application performance by helping IT organizations identify performance problems faster and accelerate root cause diagnosis, thereby reducing recovery time.

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    Data Center Transformation for Dummies

    If you’re wondering how to make your users more productive, create more cost-effective data centers, and do both things without replacing your existing infrastructure, this book is for you.

    eBook Data Center Transformation for Dummies

    Our eBook will teach you how to:

    • Simply branch offices – consolidate infrastructure without sacrificing top performance
    • Protect your data – store it safely and centrally
    • Reduce the number of data centers – use the right tools for the job
    • Gain visibility – deliver performance dashboards for your business

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    DefineS business and technology priorities, assess current capabilities, and provide a conceptual design and strategic roadmap utilizing Riverbed technologies to align with specific business goals.


    Accelerate application performance of the most commonly used applications up to 100 times while reducing bandwidth consumption with our Steelhead WAN optimization solutions. Using WAN optimization, IT can provide LAN-like access to data and applications throughout the enterprise, ensuring fast, reliable access to data for employees around the globe. 


    Consolidate data in a central data center while making it available to users and applications running locally in remote offices. Our Granite storage delivery solutions allows organizations to store data in the data center, and project files from the data center storage over the WAN to local offices without impacting the end-user experience.  Used in combination with Steelhead appliances, IT teams can consolidate and centrally manage remote servers and storage, streamline data protection, continue operations even during network outages, improve security, and still give end users the LAN performance they crave.


    Scale, accelerate, and secure applications in virtual and cloud environments. As applications become more virtualized, are deployed across multiple data centers and in the cloud, application delivery controller (ADC) technology becomes an indispensable part of an application architecture.  With virtual ADC technology, application response times in the data center, in virtualized environments or in the cloud can be monitored, and performance bottlenecks identified and mitigated automatically. Our Stingray ADC technology delivers a highly available, high performance experience, and controls and optimizes end-user services by inspecting, transforming, prioritizing, and routing application traffic.


    Troubleshoot poorly performing applications faster with comprehensive monitoring and analytics. Our application performance management solutions let you stay on top of how your applications are performing for users everywhere. Analytics allow you to quickly identify and diagnose issues across complex distributed and virtualized environments.


    Understand and manage network infrastructure from an application perspective. Our network performance management solutions let you plan and monitor network environments end-to-end. Granular visibility and analytics accelerate the troubleshooting process to improve application uptime.


    Customize, integrate, and automate Riverbed solutions with REST APIs, Python SDK, and the Stingray TrafficScript language. The REST APIs expose critical information about infrastructure health that you can present in a custom portal that shows you exactly the information you need in the format that is convenient for you. The Python SDK helps customize and configure applications with a simple and fast to code script.

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Riverbed. WAN optimization for your network: Application acceleration, WAN bandwidth optimization, and IT consolidation. Riverbed is the IT performance company. WAN optimization solutions from Riverbed liberate businesses from common IT constraints by increasing application performance, enabling consolidation, and providing enterprise-wide network and application visibility – all while eliminating the need to increase bandwidth, storage or servers. Thousands of companies trust Riverbed to deliver greater productivity and cost savings by making their IT infrastructure faster, less expensive and more responsive. Riverbed solutions are also available as managed services through select providers.

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