Increase WAN Performance By Up to 90% for SAP Apps


Say hello to increased visibility and network performance! Together, Riverbed and SAP increase network performance by more than 90%, in addition to providing visibility into SAP workloads. Riverbed has joined the SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development partner program and obtained SAP certification for Wide Area Network Connectivity—Network Performance for SAP on Premise and Cloud Solutions.

With SAP being the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software with more than 300,000 customers, SAP applications are continuously being used by more users in more locations. With increasing demand, it is critical to optimize these networks that provide access to SAP applications. Riverbed is the first WAN Optimization solution to the SAP suite, providing a solution that delivers the best network experience for remote end users, while optimizing network resources and providing visibility into SAP application performance.

Let’s dive into the specifics of what makes Riverbed’s solution so valuable in addressing the demands of the hybrid enterprise. Riverbed delivers application acceleration, network optimization, and visibility into detailed performance information spanning all areas of the application environment.

Integrated visibility with Riverbed SteelCentral

SteelCentral provides a complete detailed view of application services to mitigate performance constraints and increase business efficiency. Additionally, SteelCentral enables faster, more effective troubleshooting with end-user visibility into SteelHead-optimized and non-optimized applications. This includes:

  • Application and network infrastructure visibility
  • End-user, compute, and transaction behavior analytics

Application acceleration with Riverbed SteelHead

Riverbed’s SAP certified integrated network optimization accelerates performance of SAP Cloud and On-Premise Solutions across the hybrid enterprise as the first WAN optimization solution for this suite. Riverbed SteelHead performance optimization provides the business with a suite of countermeasures to treat many common SAP network performance issues.

Customers leveraging the Riverbed solution have seen SAP application response time go from minutes to seconds, bandwidth demands reduced by more than half and a significant reduction in the resources and time required to identify and resolve performance issues.

Learn more about how Riverbed and SAP are joining together and check out our new infographic!



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