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Fast, always-available SaaS applications

Riverbed delivers the only cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) acceleration service, purpose-built for today’s dynamic workforce to ensure consistent performance of leading SaaS applications for anyone, anywhere, regardless of distance. A key pillar of the Riverbed Application Performance Platform , SaaS Accelerator offers end-to-end acceleration and performance measurement of leading enterprise SaaS applications, including Microsoft 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and more. With today’s on the go, global workforces that need to remain always-on, it’s increasingly hard to predict each user’s experience of the applications they use to stay productive. This cloud-based, fully managed service accelerates SaaS application performance by overcoming network inhibitors such as latency, congestion, and the unpredictable user-experiences of today’s mobile workforce.

Easy, flexible deployment

With a simple, subscription-based software license activation, SaaS Accelerator spins up in the cloud and works in conjunction with any SteelHead appliances at branch sites, or Client Accelerator on workforce laptops. It does not require any changes to the SaaS provider’s infrastructure. Enterprises choose which applications to accelerate based on workforce requirements.

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How it works

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Easy to purchase, spin up, and manage for all users from a central dedicated console. Acceleration as-a-service offering ready to go in minutes.

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Based on workforce productivity requirements, globally accelerate SaaS to laptops, remote desktops or entire sites, and easily shift service to new or additional apps as needed.

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Fast, Consistent, Always-Available SaaS

Accelerates SaaS performance up to 10x by mitigating latency and reduces the network bandwidth congestion of up to 99%,improving user productivity and satisfaction.

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Concurrency of service helps eliminate unnecessary license fees.


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SteelHead offers industry-leading secure optimization of all applications across networks. Learn how Riverbed can help improve your hybrid WAN performance

Cloud Accelerator

Cloud Accelerator optimizes cloud migration and adoption, accelerates application performance and ensures a robust end-user experience for IAAS, PAAS and SAAS

Technical Specs

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Say Goodbye to Latency and Congestion in SSL/TLS Traffic

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