Prix fixe or à la carte?


Our new eBook offers a menu of tactics to address different customer challenges

In a world that becomes more complex by the second, we understand the challenge our partners face in trying to sell, position, and interact with customers, all while remaining profitable. Every customer has different problems, and is aiming for different business outcomes. How can you customize your approach for each customer without spending every waking moment rewriting and reworking your pitch and collateral?

That’s where our new partner eBook, “Together we empower the digital experience,” comes in. Think of it as a menu. Not one of those Cheesecake Factory-like menus that are so big you can’t find anything (and you certainly can’t order quickly). Instead, it’s an easy-to-use tool that lets you easily flip to the topics you’re most interested in, and find thought provoking conversation starters.

Find your customers’ use case easily

Satisfy your customers’ cravings easily by identifying the challenges they face, and pulling the relevant information from the eBook. Each challenge section includes an overview of the issue, customer pain points, Riverbed solutions, and starting questions. Keep in mind that this is not a fully detailed enablement piece. It’s designed to provide a simple yet comprehensive structure to facilitate planning conversations between you and Riverbed before you approach the customer. You can supplement your starting questions and overview with detailed customer presentations, solution briefs and white papers to help your customers understand how you and Riverbed together can help empower their total digital experience.

Key sections across every single use case

Say you’ve got a customer who’s looking into digital transformation. Scroll to that section in the eBook and you’ll find three use cases laid out—cloud migration, change management and network modernization—each with an overview of the issues, the key challenges customers need solved, and available Riverbed solutions. And each section contains one or two questions to ask your customer to start the conversation, such as “How do you prioritize your digital transformation initiatives?”

As well as digital transformation, the eBook also covers digital experience, IT efficiency, performance optimization, business continuity, and hybrid work.

The development of this eBook is a step in our goal to provide you with a holistic, engaging, and accessible environment that creates the foundation for a prosperous, long-term partnership.

Bon appetit!