Build Your Business & Career Around Digital Performance with Riverbed’s All New RCPE Learning Curriculum

Tyler Anderson

Charles Darwin famously said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable”.  In today’s rapidly changing business environment, this couldn’t be more relevant.  We live in a world of constant change and disruption and for the few industries that haven’t yet experienced this, it is not a matter of if, but when.  As IT professionals, this creates an amazing opportunity to add value to our customers and stakeholders. Digital transformation is a huge enabler of the adaptability and agility that businesses need to survive.  That said, as with anything, the HOW matters. And the underlying HOW that can prevent a business from going the way of the dodo, is PERFORMANCE.

So if optimizing digital performance is the underlying enabler for making our customers successful, where can IT professionals go to build expertise and potentially a career around digital performance?  One place to start is with Riverbed, the Digital Performance Company and our brand new Riverbed Certified Performance Engineering (RCPE) learning paths.

Riverbed Rise and the NEW RCPE Partner Learning path

Earlier this year, Riverbed made important performance upgrades of its own by completely re-designing our partner program with the launch of Riverbed Rise.  One of the many attributes that sets Riverbed Rise apart from the typical partner program is its evolved perspective on Partner Learning.  We have pivoted from the outdated IT vendor approach of mandating training as a partner requirement, and moved to a model of providing the learning resources our partners need to build the skill sets that make sense for their business – and, if that wasn’t enough, then reward them for doing it with dividends in our program.

In addition to evolving the way we enable and reward our partners, we have also completely over-hauled our learning curriculum with the new RCPE learning paths to provide Riverbed Rise partners front row seats to the industry’s only show in town when it comes to Digital Performance education.

Riverbed is redefining careers in digital performance with our new Riverbed Certified Performance Engineering (RCPE) program. See why RCPE is the definitive program for career-based skills and capabilities in digital performance management, and then visit the partner learning portal to see how you can earn dividends for learning achievement, including free, online learning and instructor-led certifications in digital performance.

Why did Riverbed evolve its learning curriculum?

Traditionally vendors have introduced training content to educate their customers and partners on their specific products.  In certain technology areas, there have been vendors that have taken that to the next level and educated the industry on their area of expertise. The introduction of the RCPE Learning Paths represents Riverbed stepping into the white space around digital performance and asserting itself as the only credible place for the industry to learn and build a career as a digital performance professional.

What has changed?

RCPE is a total replacement and up-level from the previous Riverbed training portfolio. With the new learning paths, students start at a common foundation (RCPE-Foundation) to get a firm understanding of the fundamentals and underlying customer challenges around digital performance.  From there, students have the option to specialize across 5 solution areas starting with the RCPE-Associate level accreditations which are delivered free-of-charge to Rise partners on Riverbed’s Partner Learning Portal. For engineers who want to further build out their expertise, we have introduced the RCPE-Professional level certifications. These are fee-based instructor led courses and certifications, and partners can use the generous dividend pay-outs from Riverbed Rise to help subsidize and fund.

In addition to partners being able to fund training with the dividends earned under Riverbed Rise, learning achievement is also rewarded with dividends.  So this is a great way for partners to earn extra rebate dollars, business investment fund dollars, or even get them across the finish line towards attaining their partner level under the program.

Who qualifies for RCPE training and how can I get started?

This is an exciting time in our industry. Networks are getting faster, data is growing exponentially, and people are more connected than ever before through an increasing number of devices.  In order to create a proficient IT staff and fundamentally better networks, our training is offered to partners and customers alike. Riverbed is dedicated to educating the industry so that partners and customers can have informed, productive discussions that lead to a future of solid digital performance.

For Riverbed Rise Partners, all information on the RCPE Learning Paths and access to the online learning content, free-of-charge, can be found on Riverbed’s Partner Learning Portal.

At Riverbed, we understand that the right enablement resources can help partners build expertise and differentiate themselves from their competition.  For the sales and technical professionals at our partners, this same enablement can help you build and advance your career. With the launch of Riverbed Rise and the introduction of RCPE, we have provided a firm foundation for partners and industry professionals to build upon.  We look forward to helping you revolutionize the new world of digital performance.

Check out the Riverbed Partner Learning Portal and get started with RCPE online learning today.