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Plan, design, analyze and engineer network traffic flow

With the influx of new devices, multiple application delivery methods, and higher bandwidth communication methods, networks are handling increasing volumes of traffic and becoming highly complex. Companies need to ensure that the network is robust and stable, that it is capable of surviving node failures, and that technology rollouts improve performance rather than cause problems. 

Riverbed NetPlanner enables companies to plan and design multi-technology, multi-vendor networks with complete lifecycle support including network data import, baseline analysis, cost-effective network change planning, survivability testing and configlet generation for push to network devices.

Surprising stats that prove you need Unified Network Performance Management

Digital businesses need secure, reliable networks more than ever before. But, with today’s complex, hybrid cloud architectures, maintaining a high-performing and secure network requires a broad view across IT domains. Here’s why I&O leaders should invest in a unified network performance management (NPM) solution that applies advanced analytics to all your packet data, flow data, and device metrics.
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Complete lifecycle support for change planning

Solution Brief
10 Steps to Better Application and Network Performance
Solution Brief
Riverbed Unified NPM: Visibility Everywhere!
White Paper
EMA Shared Tool Strategy Network Security
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NetPlanner Delivers:

Visibility into impact of planned network changes

Perform in-depth analysis of “what-if” scenarios and compare impact of infrastructure changes (pre- and post-change) on network performance.

Fast diagnosis of multi-tier application transactions

Ability to design networks for performance

Efficiently plan networks to support projected network demand and growth of traffic for cloud and hybrid applications.

High Scale Analysis

Ability to reduce risk of unexpected network downtime

You can simulate application migration to assure smooth roll out of new applications. Enterprises can improve network survivability with predictive multi-layer network planning.

Application Streamlining

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