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Deliver faster, more consistent app and network performance for remote workers

With more employees working remotely, the unpredictability of network and application performance dramatically increases. Distance to the network or cloud hubs along with the need for VPNs introduces latency issues, which impacts response times. Also, remote workforces face unique issues such as interrupted Wi-Fi connections, extended download times and access limitations due to combined use of bandwidth-heavy applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Dropbox etc. Users in the same remote location could be video streaming, video conferencing, gaming or downloading large files – all of which negatively impacts workforce productivity.

Riverbed solutions support public sector organisations by addressing performance problems that remote workers are experiencing which enables them to maximise application and network performance from any location. Remote workforces can stay productive with fast, consistent, reliable access to the cloud and legacy applications—including Office 365, Salesforce, Box and ServiceNow.

Reduce Network Traffic by Up to 99%

Riverbed Client Accelerator amplifies our optimisation solutions at every endpoint, for every remote worker. Riverbed solutions can accelerate the delivery of the on-prem and cloud apps your remote users rely on, from Office 365 to Salesforce and Box, while also reducing bandwidth demands. With Riverbed, remote workers gain 10 times faster delivery of applications and enhanced user experience which increases productivity.

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