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Does SD-WAN Pricing Matter?

We’ve been doing a lot of talking about the secrets behind software-defined wide area networking recently, mostly because it’s important to separate the hype from the technology. After all, Gartner predicted that by the end of 2019, 30% of enterprises will have deployed SD-WAN in their branch locations. With the uptick in cloud computing comes the uptick in network demands, so you’re likely already looking into SD-WAN pricing and what will work best for you.

But we have another secret we want to let you in on: SD-WAN prices shouldn't be your main consideration. If you focus solely on the initial SD-WAN investment, you’ll lose sight of the bigger picture, which is the ROI you should experience within a year of implementation.

Hard and soft savings from SD-WAN

Most IT managers end up analyzing SD-WAN pricing after a series of unfortunate events; the tasks and workloads become too intense or too complex for the network, putting a strain on critical applications. Degraded, lagging performance. Diminishing network visibility. The issues compound over time, until everything slows to the extent that it becomes an urgent need to find an SD-WAN vendor fast.

The beauty of this technology is that the payback period for the cost of SD-WAN is short, so ROI happens fast. It’s pretty simple to make a solid business case as to why an implementation would improve your business’s bottom line. The benefits are hard to miss:

  • Immediately cut costs by eliminating unnecessary reliance on spendy MPLS connections.
  • Replace legacy, aging router hardware and eliminate costly support contracts.
  • Simplify network tasks by enabling administrators to visualize what’s happening and make changes automatically.
  • Increase agility by minimizing manual configs and concentrating on automation and orchestration.
  • Alleviate bottlenecks using an SD-WAN controller that keeps tabs on capacity and demand, and re-routes packets to keep traffic flowing smoothly.
  • Boost overall system performance by leveraging assorted network paths and faster connections for critical applications.

These all directly relate to the hard savings inherent to SD-WAN technology, but there’s an incalculable soft savings in there as well. Productivity will skyrocket as the user experience becomes easier and employee satisfaction rises. What’s more, your technology will work at the speed of your business — everything is captured in real time, with no ideas will be left behind.

Future-proofing your network

Changing business requirements have been pretty strenuous on enterprise networks. Application and data demands seem to scale by the day, and though convenient, cloud computing has added an extra layer of security concerns to many IT managers’ plates. When you deploy SD-WAN, you’re guaranteeing your wide-area network is prepared to evolve and adapt to fluctuating needs. Many business leaders feel concerned about SD-WAN pricing, but understanding the turnaround time for the investment is key to recognizing its full value.

Riverbed is a proven market leader in offering end-to-end SD-WAN solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you’re still unsure about upfront costs and how the benefits would translate to your business, try our handy SD-WAN ROI calculator, and then get in touch. We can’t wait to talk about what software-defined wide area networking will do for you!

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