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WAN transformation with SD-WAN: Establish a Foundation for SASE Success

Based on an Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) survey of IT professionals across North America and Europe, this summary research report discusses SASE technology as the next step in the evolution of WANs. According to the research, many enterprises are finding that the transition from SD-WAN to SASE is not trivial. This report examines how enterprises are transforming their networks by taking the next step toward SASE. Interesting findings include:

  • More than 30% say it is difficult to advance from SD-WAN to SASE. Only 11% believe it is very easy.
  • 71% apply WAN acceleration to their networks, and nearly all of them leverage their SD-WAN vendors for this acceleration. This may be based on a misconception that SD-WAN can provide comprehensive WAN acceleration.
  • 73% of organizations are monitoring SD-WAN with third-party network monitoring tools, but only 41% are fully satisfied with this third-party monitoring.

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