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Many retailers with a large number of highly distributed sites are increasingly moving to a 100% Internet WAN strategy to match their bandwidth growth needs and deliver performance for their Cloud applications. This retailer is an innovator, having adopted cloud SaaS and IaaS early.

The corporate culture encourages everyone in the company to avoid the status quo and achieve velocity at all levels. When it comes to IT, the vision is to grow the capability to support the business with new digital initiatives and achieve hyper-consolidation of resources into the cloud at the same time. The plan is to move IT assets from branch to datacenter and datacenter to Cloud (AWS in particular) and implement solutions enabling greater operational efficiency and agility – in particular when it comes to branch routing and its distributed security.

Riverbed Solution

SteelConnect SD-WAN plus SteelFusion for true Zero Branch IT

SteelConnect Value Add

  • Simplified provisioning and centralized, policy-based management of branch routing and security by replacing legacy CLI-based devices
  • AutoVPN multi-mesh VPN connectivity to simplify management of IPSec backhaul
  • Native cloud integration to seamlessly connect private clouds and public clouds
  • Single-click, instant provisioning into cloud environments including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure
  • Global, centralized policy management to ensure performance of applications regardless of their locations (in the datacenters or in the Cloud)
  • Universal Policy Automation, empowering IT to evolve the infrastructure without having to revisit policy and enable cohesive and automated change management
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning, reducing configuration and reconfiguration of edge devices at sites to zero with automation
  • SteelConnect + SteelFusion to eliminate the need for on-site IT and the capability to spin up branches, back up, and restore fast all from the central datacenter, and now conveniently in the cloud, without expert staff in the branch

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“The cloud is redefining networks, and the WAN is where some of the major changes are happening. However, it’s not the only place. Riverbed’s SteelConnect product gives organizations the ability to manage the network as a single entity—from the LAN to the cloud.” - Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research/Network World, April 2016

If cloud services and SaaS applications are becoming increasingly popular in your organization, you’ll want to find a way for your WAN to facilitate direct connections to those services from your branch offices. Direct cloud connectivity can boost SaaS application performance, improve quality of experience and reduce overall costs. - Brad Casemore, “SD-WAN: Guidance on Wan Transformation,” IDC, June 2016

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