Keysight Technologies

Electronics manufacturing firm leverages Riverbed Acceleration solutions to gain network visibility and enable faster troubleshooting and better performance
Test engineers are testing the electronics equipment.


  • Desired additional visibility into the network and application environment
  • Wanted to better isolate network performance issues
  • Interested in tracing dependencies
  • Needed to optimize network capacity


  • Improved visibility and the ability to zoom into specific problematic sites
  • Faster troubleshooting of server issues; streamlined general troubleshooting
  • Early warning of increased consumption
  • Improved disaster recovery strategy with faster backups
  • Faster long-distance file transfers
  • True caching led to a 25% improvement in network performance


Keysight Technologies, an American-based manufacturer of software-centric electronic design, emulation, test, and measurement equipment, wanted to improve visibility into its network environment to proactively resolve any potential issues. Due to the nature of its business, large files are distributed from one location to another on a daily basis, requiring significant time and resources. Keysight sought assistance to improve efficiencies with Riverbed Acceleration solutions.

Keysight Technologies is an S&P 500 technology company that empowers engineers with software-centric design, emulation, and test solutions that serve across the design and development environment to enable innovation breakthroughs with speed and reduced risk. Headquartered in California and with offices and manufacturing worldwide, Keysight customers span the communications, industrial automation, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, semiconductor, and general electronics markets.



Riverbed AppResponse
Riverbed NetProfiler
Riverbed® Acceleration (Riverbed SteelHead)


Riverbed’s acceleration solution, SteelHead, has improved our network performance by 25%. It enables true caching and is extremely effective in reducing the time we spend on transferring files from one office to another.

Ray Schumacher, Network Architect

Keysight Technologies

Today we’ve incorporated AppResponse throughout our system. It enables us to proactively identify and resolve potential issues before any tickets are raised, resulting in near-zero tickets.

Ray Schumacher, Network Architect

Keysight Technologies

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California, United States



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