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The branch is where business gets done

“Riverbed SteelFusion was a game-changer – allowing us to quickly deliver our revenue-generating application to all of our broadcast stations, where high-performance is a must. SteelFusion made it possible for us to always maintain synchronicity between all of the stations, rollout new services at will, and at the same time, protect all of our company data in our secure data center.” - David Giambruno, CIO, Tribune Media

Branch offices or remote locations away from headquarters are where business truly gets done. On average, nearly half of all employees of mid-to-large sized enterprises work in these remote locations. This is where revenue streams grow for business, so IT must ensure that branches are always up and running with the applications and services they need to stay productive. But how do you deploy new applications and services to branch locations rapidly to maintain optimal productivity?

Rethink branch IT. Consider your smartphone.

Think about SteelFusion and your smartphone. They actually have a lot in common. Your smartphone has all services you want instant access to.  SteelFusion is very much like a smartphone – and how you manage your own applications and data through your phone today. A smartphone has complete access to the capabilities and services of the Internet. When you buy the phone, it doesn’t come with all of the services and data you want on it.  But within minutes of unpacking it, you are able to get up and running with your favorite apps and services instantly.

If you are in the middle of an email and service goes down, you are still able to continue working, and as soon as email connectivity is back, off it goes to the recipient. And if you lose your phone – recovery is just that easy. All you do is get a new phone, enter in a few things and all of your apps and services are right back where you had them in just minutes from the cloud.

This is the way branch IT should be.

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Instant Provisioning and Operational Agility

“SteelFusion fully matches our IT vision; helping us to simplify the infrastructure, reduce the management burden at smaller sites, and centralize services and data in the main data centers.” – Stefan Tittel, Chief Information Officer at nkt cables

SteelFusion enables you to provision and deploy new branch services and entirely new branch sites as quickly and as easily as spinning up virtual machines in your data center, leveraging all the rich capabilities available at the core of your enterprise. SteelFusion offers up to 30 times faster deployment of branch services and sites according to Taneja Group.

SteelFusion extends the security and capabilities of your data center out to every single location, across the globe, in your distributed enterprise. Think about it: Is it easier to manage 100 servers at 100 sites, or 100 servers from 1 site? SteelFusion provides 100% centralized management of the edge of your enterprise.

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