Top 3 Reasons to Register Your Deal with Riverbed

Cindy Herndon

Wondering When to Register your Deal?

Deal registration is an industry standard program that delivers deeper value for partners who are the first to bring new opportunities to Riverbed. And now, Riverbed is delighted to offer an even greater Deal Registration incentive to encourage the early registration of your deals.

So, if you’re sitting on the fence, here are the top three reasons why you should register your deal opportunity now:

  1. Riverbed is building a partner-led business in the commercial marketspace. 

    Riverbed is looking to reward partners who are engaging in the small enterprise to mid-size business market, and to give you the you’ll need to win in this growing channel space.

  2. Deeper discounts, more revenue and higher profit for you. 

    Along with the 15% discount for registered deals (increased from 10%), you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your registration lasts for 180 days giving you the time you need to close the deal. Should Non-Standard Discounts (NSD) be required to land the deal, the partner who owns the deal registration will continue to have the advantage in discounts.

  3. Leverage greater opportunities and a deeper relationship with Riverbed. 

    Riverbed’s enriched solutions portfolio is strongly aligned to your customers’ needs to optimise their cloud network performance & application experience. This is creating a new wave of sales opportunities for our partners who, by engaging Riverbed early, are closing deals more quickly, expanding their sales value, and building a healthy ongoing pipeline.

register your deal

Wondering when to register?

The earlier you register your deal, the better. By waiting, you could lose the opportunity to register the deal to another partner. Additionally, the earlier you register, the more resources and assistance you are able to receive from Riverbed to help you close the deal, and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Ready to register your deal?

Deal registration is easy on the Riverbed Partner Center. After you submit your request for deal registration, your deal goes to the Deal Registration Team for validation, and the account sales team for approval.  Once approved, your incremental discounts will be applied.

For more information, please contact your channel sales manager. For any other questions, you can email