How USSOCOM Leverages Network Visibility to Weather Natural Disasters and Support Warfighters

U.S. Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM’s) enterprise network supports more than 80,000 users and operators spanning 24 time zones across the world, making it the fourth largest network in the DoD. The IT teams that manage the network are tasked with a singular mission—connecting operators to the data, communications, devices and applications needed to achieve mission success. Any enterprise network is susceptible to internal and external forces that challenge mission objectives. When Hurricane Ian was scheduled to make landfall in Florida in September, SOCOM executed its Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP). This involved not only locking down assets at MacDill and relocating personnel, but realigning network resources and IT teams to ensure that SOCOM could weather the storm and still support global warfighter operations.

Join Col. Joseph Pishock, COO, Networks and Services, USSOCOM, for an engaging and informative discussion about how the command leverages end-to-end network visibility to:

  • Support a global network needed to defeat a global network
  • Shoot, move and communicate within the cyber domain
  • PACE vs. COOP and evolving beyond
  • Empower IT teams’ decision making to stay ahead of problems
  • Monitor network needs and adjust in real-time
  • Ensure continuity of operations and mission support

Col. Pishock will discuss recent and relevant case studies and examples that will give attendees a clear understanding on the outcomes that can be achieved by building visibility into their network environments.

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