SteelHead for Optimization, Visibility and Control

The #1 optimization solution delivers optimization of all applications - on premise, cloud and SaaS, integrated visibility and simplified, business-intent-based control for hybrid enterprises

Formerly Known As: Steelhead

Riverbed SteelHead is the industry’s #1 optimization solution for accelerated delivery of all applications across the hybrid enterprise. SteelHead also provides better visibility into application and network performance and the end user experience plus control through an application-aware approach to hybrid networking and path selection based on centralized, business intent-based policies for what you want to achieve – as a business.

A leader in the “Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers” for eight years in a row, SteelHead pioneered WAN optimization in 2004. Today, Riverbed is leading the evolution from the traditional WAN model to providing optimization, visibility and control for the hybrid enterprise.

What's New in SteelHead 9.0

"Another company to keep an eye on in the software-defined WAN space is Riverbed. Its technology acquisitions has vaulted it from being merely a WAN optimization company to a company that can make any remote location perform like a local one for network, storage, and other services."
-Ethan Banks, Network Computing, September, 2014

With SteelHead 9.0, Riverbed is leading the evolution from the traditional WAN optimization model to accelerating applications across the hybrid enterprise. Read what's new >

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Are you hybrid ready?  Watch the replay >


SteelHead: Leading the Way for Hybrid Enterprises

Optimization, Visibility and Control Across the Hybrid Enterprise

A Day in the Life of John, Director of Network Operations

Learn how SteelHead enables the Hybrid Enterprise with Optimization, Visibility, and Control

Paul O'Farrell explains how SteelHead enables the Hybrid Enterprise at the Riverbed FORCE 2014 conference

What is optimization for the hybrid enterprise?

Optimization accelerates applications and data transfer so connected people can be more productive.
Learn more about Steelhead optimization across hybrid networks >

Schneider Electric - Outsourced Data Centers: Schneider Electric utilizes a portfolio of Riverbed solutions to ensure the success of its IT transformation, including Riverbed SteelHead, Interceptor, and CX for Cloud.

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Riverbed delivers the most complete platform for Location-Independent Computing, turning location and distance into a competitive advantage. The Riverbed Application Performance Platform™ allows IT to have the flexibility to host applications and data in the most optimal locations while ensuring applications perform as expected, data is always available when needed, and performance issues are detected and fixed before end users notice. At more than $1 billion in annual revenue, Riverbed has 25,000+ customers, including 97% of both the Fortune 100 and the Forbes Global 100.

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