Extends holistic network observability to cloud, Zero Trust, and remote work environments.
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What is NPM+?

Riverbed NPM+ is a SaaS-delivered service that uses Riverbed Unified Agent to collect decrypted packet data at every user and server endpoint. It fills visibility gaps caused by encrypted tunnels in Zero Trust, remote work, and cloud-native environments. Taking an agent-based deployment approach ensures flexibility, simplicity, and scalability. With this AI-driven Network Observability, Riverbed takes a revolutionary step towards faster issue detection and higher service availability.


What if you could eliminate network blind spots?

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Capture and analyze packets anywhere

Including edge, data center and cloud-native environments

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Enable a less costly and easier deployment model

Unified Agent automates module management and consolidates legacy agents up to 3:1 on a given device

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Reduce dependency on manual packet analysis

Smart, interactive workflows that streamline root cause analysis, diagnostics, and resolution across network teams

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Next-Gen Network Observability begins with Riverbed

As organizations navigate through complexities brought by diverse architectures, dynamic workloads, remote work models and increasing security threats, the need for network observability tools is paramount.  Riverbed’s new Network Observability solutions solve these challenges.

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Next-Generation Network Observability

Navigating the evolving landscape of network visibility and intelligence.


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