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Allianz is the 31st largest company in the world, offering banking, insurance and asset management services to 83 million clients. Allianz Turkey wanted to improve its ability to control and analyze its network applications and significantly improve the way the network and its various insurance-specific applications performed.



  • Sluggish application response and page loading times
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues took too long
  • Delayed information transmission to external agencies


Riverbed deployment measures response times, tracks, records and indexes transactions, monitors devices and troubleshoots

  • AppResponse
  • AppInternals
  • AppTransaction Analyzer
  • NetSensor
  • AppMapper


  • Faster application—average page load time reduced by 44%
  • Increased usage—average number of page views up by 45%
  • Improved service quality—server response time down by 62%
  • Faster time to resolution—some application issues are fixed in minutes
  • Better reporting and visibility

A l l i a n z Tu r k e y

It has more than 148,000 employees in over 70 countries, including Turkey. In Turkey, Allianz has 2500 employees, 12 regional offices and 3700 agencies.

It is the market leader and at the end of 2013 had 15.8% market share in Non-Life Insurance and 20% market share in the Pension market.

The company supports its regional offices from two data centers. Allianz Turkey wanted to improve its ability to control and analyse its network applications and significantly improve the way the network and its various insurance specific applications performed.

Solution: Better application monitoring and troubleshooting

Allianz Turkey works with around 4000 external agencies across a wide range of industry sectors. Huge amounts of data are exchanged between Allianz and its clients, along with vast numbers of policy proposals. Allianz Turkey faced several challenges.

Bespoke insurance industry applications and other general business systems were suffering from performance problems. Page load times were slow (more than three seconds) and accessing vital on screen information was therefore a time-consuming process. Network speeds were sluggish and causing problems during insurance claims and policy processes.

“Whenever an application performance issue occurred, it was often difficult to pinpoint the root cause”, explains Neval Bircaner, Allianz Turkey IT controlling supervisor. Long page load times and slow application speeds affected our productivity. “We also needed to provide a responsive system for our external partners.”

Three vendors were selected for a week-long proof of concept involving real-life testing with the insurance application. “SteelCentral was way ahead of the others— it was quick to install; easy to integrate, offered better dashboard properties and was much faster at locating the source of a problem” says Bircaner.

As a result Allianz has deployed a range of Riverbed NPM tools. AppResponse is an end-user experience monitoring solution that enables application support teams to measure real response time and availability for all types of applications. Transaction Analyzer tracks transactions throughout the application infrastructure, troubleshoots problems in production and predicts response times.

AppInternals records and indexes all transactions and offers huge scalability, NetSensor provides comprehensive infrastructure device monitoring and AppMapper creates dependency maps in real-time showing how infrastructure and application components are related.

Benefits: Improved performance results in a higher—quality user experience

 “We’ve seen significant benefits as a result of Riverbed SteelCentral” says Bircaner, “The performance management dashboard gives us much better visibility and reporting. It’s now much easier to identify application performance issues. In some cases, problems that took a long time to solve can now be fixed in minutes.”

By working with Riverbed our applications now run much faster. As a result of webpages loading more quickly—on average from 3.4 seconds to 1.4 seconds, there has been a big increase in use of the application, while server response times have reduced by 51%. “This has had a huge impact on productivity and end user experience,” says Bircaner, “Our clients have noticed the difference in performance. Riverbed SteelCentral has had a positive impact on our organization by helping us improve customer experience.”

“It is now much easier to identify issues with the network or application themselves. In some cases, problems that took a long time to solve can now be fixed in minutes.”

Neval Bircaner

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