Turkish bank delivers exponential digital banking growth and improves digital experience for users with Riverbed Network Observability Solutions
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  • Ensure highly available banking services during peaks in demand
  • Speed up identification of network issues
  • Increase capacity of network monitoring solution
  • Faster incident resolution and troubleshooting


  • Safeguards access to banking services for customers
  • Increases network availability despite 1.5x more traffic
  • Faster, more efficient problem diagnosis and issue resolution
  • Extensive monitoring dashboards to oversee 40+ critical applications
  • Actionable insight to ensure optimum performance and a great customer experience


Founded in 1933, Halkbank is one of the largest banks in Turkey. In 2020, it was ranked the third largest bank in Turkey in terms of assets by the Fintech Times. It has 16.5 million customers, including four million digital customers, 23,000 employees, and more than 1,000 branches. The bank offers a variety of services, including corporate and retail banking, investor relations, and SME and commercial services. Technology plays a significant role in providing a seamless customer experience and maintaining a competitive edge, and the bank’s IT environment is maintained by a team of 1,000 highly skilled staff.



We’ve been very happy with Riverbed and the ease of use, performance, and reliability of our existing products. Refreshing our solutions was an obvious choice.

Mehmet Arpa, IT Manager



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