Shelf Drilling

Shelf Drilling improves user experience and boosts operational efficiency across remote locations with Riverbed
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  • Improve application performance in remote locations
  • Optimize and accelerate apps in low bandwidth environments
  • Support virtualization initiatives


  • Safeguards business continuity and revenues
  • Reduces Intranet traffic by up to 95%
  • SaaS Accelerator optimizes core apps by up to 80%
  • Simplifies network and performance monitoring
  • Streamlines rig operations and improves user experience


Shelf Drilling was founded in 2012 with a sole focus on shallow water drilling, and the company has many of the world’s leading oil companies as customers, including Chevron, ONGC, Saudi Aramco and Total. It operates 30 rigs across eight countries and has 12 onshore locations, with approximately 3,000 employees in total.

Headquartered in Dubai, the company’s rigs provide reliable, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective drilling services, with each rig having between 80-150 staff on board. Shelf Drilling built its IT infrastructure from the ground up and has approximately 1,100 endpoints both on and offshore to connect. Rigs are connected via geostationary VSAT satellites and utilize SaaS and on-prem applications running on servers that replicate back to the head office.



“Riverbed is an integral part of our infrastructure. When considering new technology solutions, we have to prioritize technologies that integrate directly with it.”

Ian Clydesdale, IT Director

Shelf Drilling

“There are a huge number of moving parts involved in operating a rig, and Riverbed makes it much easier to manage, so we can continue generating revenue and provide a first-class experience to our customers.”

Mohammed Al Baqari, Network and Information Security Manager

Shelf Drilling

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Dubai, UAE


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