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Riverbed Application Performance Platform Opens Communications Pipeline, Slashes Networking Costs and Speeds Resolution of Performance Issues.
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  • Rapid office relocation in remote regions during pipeline construction projects
  • Unreliable connectivity and communications that reduced access to business critical applications and slowed project delivery
  • Poor network and application performance because of high-latency and high-cost network connections
  • Frequent network downtime due to critical incidents
  • No actionable insights for network engineers because of a lack of network visibility and reporting


  • Accelerates deployment and provisioning of remote sites with at least 3G connectivity
  • Speeds identification and remediation of application and network performance problems with end-to-end visibility
  • Ensures performance of collaboration applications and tools, including video and phone conferencing, across all sites
  • Extensive reduction of network costs with exponential performance improvement


Murphy Pipe and Civil is a leading Australian pipeline construction company for the energy, water and mining sectors. The company is responsible for provisioning the entire upstream gas-gathering network across the Surat Basin gas fields—the largest gas-gathering network of its kind in Australia.

Murphy Pipe and Civil has approximately 600 employees spread across 11 offices in Australia and three locations in the United States. During the course of pipeline construction, many of these offices need to be quickly relocated as stages of the project are completed.



  • Riverbed Application Performance Platform:

–  SteelConnect EX, SteelHead CX

Riverbed SteelCentral, delivered as a managed service by CDM Australia


Before we started to explore acceleration, we had to get the lay of the land when it came to our network—with SteelCentral we had the end-to-end visibility to see exactly what needed to be fixed.

Brian Carroll, Group Manager, IS&T

Murphy Pipe and Civil

Since we’ve implemented SteelHeads, our WAN costs are now less than a quarter of what they were previously—this is despite having expanded to the US and having those sites on the same network.

Brian Carroll, Group Manager, IS&T

Murphy Pipe and Civil





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