Park Community Federal Credit Union

Riverbed® helped Park Community Federal Credit Union centralize their computing model and simplify their backup process.
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Established in 1955 and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Park Community Federal Credit Union has 15 branches in four states. With a decentralized computing model that featured servers in each branch, branch employees had to manage tape backups, which lead to confusion, inefficiency, and oversight.

The implementation process was so simple that Park Community was able to preconfigure the Riverbed appliances at headquarters and ship them to non-IT staff at each branch to install. Soon they were seeing more than a 70 percent reduction in traffic and a 3.5 times bandwidth increase. They were also able to completely eliminate branch office servers, which saved them a bundle in hardware and maintenance costs.

Reduced traffic 70%, increased bandwidth 3.5x.



  • 70 percent traffic reduction
  • 3.5 times bandwidth increase
  • Eliminated physical branch servers

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Louisville, United States


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