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Understand the impact your network performance has on business

Alluvio Network Performance Management makes it easy to monitor, troubleshoot, and analyze what’s happening across your hybrid network environment. With end-to-end visibility and actionable insights, you can quickly and proactively resolve any network-based performance issues.

Alluvio unified NPM collects all packets, all flows, all device metrics, all the time, across all environments -cloud, virtual, and on-prem, providing  enterprise-wide, business-centric monitoring of critical business initiatives.

Riverbed Unified NPM: Visibility Everywhere!

Benefits of Unified Network Performance Management

Reduce MTTR

Streamlined troubleshooting workflows and full-fidelity data help ITOps teams identify and resolve problems fast—before users even notice something occurred.


Remove cloud blind spots

Riverbed NPM  provides hybrid cloud and multi-cloud visibility to remove cloud blind spots. Migrate to the cloud without risk, improve user experience, and reduce cloud costs.


Proactively detect and fix network performance problems

Riverbed unified NPM integrates flow, packet, and device metrics into common Portal dashboards  to identify complex problems earlier.


Eliminate the finger Pointing

When aIl ITOps domains work together from a common dataset to solve performance problems, there’s less finger pointing! Problems get solved faster and more efficiently.

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NPM Products


Alluvio AppResponse provides fast packet capture and storage that feeds intelligent network and application analysis with fast troubleshooting workflows to speed problem diagnosis and resolution.
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Alluvio NetProfiler provides in-depth traffic insights with network traffic flow monitoring to optimize network performance, capacity planning and security.
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Alluvio Infrastructure Manager helps companies proactively discover, collect & monitor infrastructure and analyze performance
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