Monitor and troubleshoot end-user experience for both SteelHead-optimized web and SaaS applications including

Together, SteelHead and SteelCentral provide the leading solution for optimization, visibility and control of your applications. Regardless of the application location; on-premise or in the cloud Software as a Service (SaaS), Riverbed’s performance monitoring delivers more insight into application-level performance to reduce total costs and avoid business-impacting downtime.

  • Acceleration everywhere: Application performance on-premise, cloud or SaaS. 
  • Enhanced visibility in WAN-optimized environments: Integrated visibility of end-user experience for monitoring and troubleshooting enterprise web and SaaS application. 
  • Improved branch office troubleshooting: Leveraging SteelHead’s at branch offices and cloud for end-user monitoring.


Graphical way to pinpoint which objects contribute to the delay experienced by an end user.
View optimized versus non-optimized objects for an individual page view (IPV).


Highlights the benefits of optimization. 
See optimized page times and compare performance with/without optimization.



Understand real user experience

Both IT and Your Business Benefit From Complete Visibility

  • Enhance End-User Experience when accessing on-premise, cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS) applications from any location with the greatest bandwidth reduction and unique optimizations for SaaS access from around the world.  
  • Improve Productivity with integrated end-user experience monitoring for faster resolution of web and SaaS application trouble tickets.
  • Faster Issue Resolution with improved IT visibility into application and page-level metrics for web and SaaS applications to definitively pinpoint whether problems are with the SaaS provider or the network.
  • Improved Productivity through improved collaboration and information-sharing with other teams
  • Reduce costs or avoid them altogether by being able to prove the productivity benefits of WAN optimization and demonstrate where additional savings can occur.

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