It’s difficult to capture and view end-to-end transactions

The support team spent 90% of its time trying to figure out what was going wrong with certain applications.” – Mark Osborne, Web Systems Engineer, National Instruments

You need to capture every single transaction, in production and with minimal overhead, so that you can replay them for later analysis and troubleshooting. With a data-driven approach you can optimize your application for real-world scenarios.

Application code-level tracing and high-level performance monitoring

Follow and analyze transactions right from the source and into the depths of your datacenter. See exactly where the delays and errors in your application lie and fix them 90% faster. Observe your application, infrastructure and network behavior based on each and every unique transaction. Find and fix vulnerabilities quickly every time you release new features or change configuration. Trace transaction flows to see which operations are popular and which ones are not. Prioritize new features, issue resolution and infrastructure changes based on usage patterns.

  • Capture every transaction for diagnosis
  • Fully understand application dependencies
  • Get insights into users’ behavior

Powerful analytics for every unique transaction

“It will trace every Java method call that’s made so you can see exactly where the delays are in each application, almost down to the line of code. I haven’t seen this functionality in any other tool.” – Mark Osborne, Web Systems Engineer, National Instruments

Statistically analyze performance data of all transactions. Study outliers and compare against baselines. Riverbed SteelCentral helps you identify, diagnose and fix correlated transactions that are more likely to suffer from poor performance.

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