We’ve been able to take advantage of the scalability and cost savings of cloud, without having to sacrifice performance as a result. - Chris Uusimaki ICT Manager, AllightSykes
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Simplify cloud adoption and accelerate performance to users everywhere

With more applications transitioning to the cloud - public, private, SaaS - the hybrid cloud is a permanent part of the enterprise.

Ensuring applications perform as guaranteed remains critical, but the hybrid WAN faces performance limitations inherent in networks and applications – bandwidth constraints, latency, and competition among applications. In the cloud, a lack of visibility and loss of control over often complex deployments can further challenge IT.

SteelHead CX for cloud helps IT to embrace the flexibility, scalability and cost benefits of the cloud - while protecting and enhancing application performance. SteelHead delivers comprehensive cloud solutions for IAAS, PAAS and SAAS for public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

The SteelHead cloud solution:

  • Is purpose-built for public cloud environments
  • Combines network and internet optimization with end-user, application and network visibility to ensure exceptional user experience and facilitate cloud adoption
  • Accelerates the majority of cloud providers and has been certified for Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud Air

SteelHead CX for cloud simplifies cloud adoption and accelerate performance to users everywhere

How It Works
As we were going to have users from all of our Australian offices accessing the data nationally, it was a no-brainer for us to leverage the rest of our Riverbed investment and opt for SteelHead’s cloud version, SteelHead CX for Microsoft Azure, to optimise all our documents going in and out of the cloud. - Sam Mannix, Business Engagement and Architecture Manager, RSM
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Accelerate cloud applications and reduce bandwidth consumption

Compatibility with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and VMware ESX-based cloud and vCloud Air environments offers the freedom to deploy applications in nearly any cloud and move between cloud providers with ease. SteelHead accelerates the majority of cloud providers and has been certified for Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud Air.

Accelerate everywhere

  • Accelerates application migration and user access to the cloud
  • Accelerates the delivery of enterprise data and applications in public cloud environments
  • Leverages multiple optimization techniques, including data, application, and transport streamlining, as well as specifically-designed SaaS and cloud intelligence
  • Uniquely ensures optimal end user experience, despite distance from the cloud to the user, with GeoIQ for Office 365

Transparent cloud interception

  • Simplifies the integration of optimization into the cloud’s highly automated, heavily virtualized environments where the servers’ physical locations may change at any time
  • Provides automated redirection to appropriate SteelHead CX cloud instance even when server IP addresses or subnets change

Simple portal-based management

  • Connects to supported cloud providers with SteelHead Cloud Portal
  • Allows you to deploy and manage a SteelHead CX cloud instance with just a few clicks
  • Offers simplified management and licensing, plus instant upgrades, of SteelHead CX
Our IT organization isn’t that big, having our own data center is not our core business, and Riverbed has helped us feel bigger, move faster, and be more agile. We find using the cloud for access anywhere, anytime better fits our model. - Beverly Maestas, VP of Technology Operations, CenterPoint Properties
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Best-in-class cloud optimization, plus essential visibility and control

SteelHead CX for Cloud extends Riverbed’s #1 optimization solution for hybrid enterprises to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds. SteelHead CX speeds migration to the public cloud and accelerates access for users from virtually any location.

Accelerate applications and reduce bandwidth consumption

  • Increases application and data transfer performance up to 100x
  • Reduces bandwidth utilization by up to 95%, thus deferring costly network bandwidth upgrades

Cloud flexibility and platform choice

  • Offers compatibility with a wide variety of cloud services for the freedom to move between cloud providers with ease
  • Quickly integrates with other SteelHead solutions
  • Provides elastic sizing and easy cloning for a scale-as-you-go infrastructure for cloud

Cloud-like, cost-effective economics

  • Shift from high capital expenditures to lower operational expenditures
  • Manage cost and effectively offer the right service levels based on user demand with monthly subscription-based pricing models and commitments as short as six months

Determine Your ROI

You understand the benefits of SteelHead WAN Optimization.  Now you can use the resources here to estimate the return on investment with WAN optimization for your organization.

Read the IDC Report: The Business Value of Riverbed SteelHead

Infographic: SteelHead - The ROI Winner

SteelHead The ROI Winner Infographic

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

Need help choosing the SteelHead product that’s right for your organization?

Learn more about the technical characteristics and requirements of each model in the SteelHead Specs sheets.

Download: SteelHead Family Spec Sheet

Download: SteelHead Family Brochure


SteelHead helps manufacturer take advantage of the scalability and cost savings of AWS cloud, without having to sacrifice performance



SteelHead supports IT migration to cloud computing, SaaS and IaaS



SteelHead helps RSM adopt a cloud-first approach




Devising a Cloud Strategy that Doesn’t Cast a Shadow on App Performance

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Histórias de clientes sobre o SteelHead CX

Clique no logotipo de cada cliente para ver como o SteelHead oferece o desempenho da aplicação e os menores custos operacionais de que os clientes precisam.


Especificações técnicas

Precisa de ajuda para escolher o produto SteelHead adequado para a sua organização?

Obtenha mais informações sobre as características técnicas e os requisitos de cada modelo nas especificações do SteelHead.


SteelHead para filiais

SteelHead para escritórios de médio porte

SteelHead para grandes escritórios ou data centers


Série CX255

Série CX570

Série CX770

Série CX3070

Série CX5070

Série CX7070

Potência [Watts] (Típica)














Dimensões do sistema (CxLxA) (iii)


330x204x44 mm

25,21 X 17,24 X 1,7 pol.

640,43 X 438 X 43,2 mm

27,87 X 17,24 X 3,45 pol.

707,8 X 438 X 87,6 mm

Peso máximo (sem embalagem)

5,5 lbs

2,4 kg

6 lbs

2,7 kg

27 lbs

12,25 kg

41 lbs

18,59 kg

41 lbs

18,59 kg

42 lbs

19,05 kg

download das especificações do steelhead

Faça o download das especificações completas da Família SteelHead

download das especificações do steelhead

Download: Folheto da família SteelHead



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