Ashton Metzler: 2016 State-of-The-WAN Report

The wide area network (WAN) is a critically important topic for number of reasons. Those reasons include:

  • The latency, jitter and packet loss that is associated with the WAN often cause the performance of applications to degrade;
  • The WAN can be a major source of security vulnerabilities;
  • Unlike most of the components of IT, the price/performance of WAN services doesn’t obey Moore’s Law;
  • The outage of a WAN link often causes one or more sites to be offline;
  • The lead time to either install a new WAN link or to increase the capacity of an existing WAN link can be quite lengthy.

A discussion of wide area networking is extremely timely because after a long period with little if any fundamental innovation, the WAN is now the focus of considerable innovation. As a result, for the first time in a decade, network organizations have an opportunity to make a significant upgrade to their WAN architecture and design.

The goal of this e-book is to provide insight into the current state of the WAN that is based on a survey of 110 network professionals that was completed in May 2016.