OPNET is now part of Riverbed SteelCentral™


Get end-to-end perspective of your application and network performance with OPNET Technologies

OPNET is now part of Riverbed. OPNET Technologies, including network simulators, build upon Riverbed's strong heritage of delivering industry-leading solutions to drive application performance. Click here for more information regarding Riverbed SteelCentral™ application and network performance management capabilities. For more information relative to individual solutions, please refer to the table below.

Old Name

New Name


OPNET Modeler® Suite

Riverbed Modeler
A suite of protocols and technologies to design, model, and analyze communication networks.


OPNET AppInternals Xpert®

SteelCentral™ AppInternals
Deep, granular monitoring of performance metrics across application components for a data-driven approach to analyzing performance.


OPNET AppResponse Xpert®

SteelCentral™ AppResponse
Network-based APM to monitor end-user experience, web transaction analysis, and network performance to fix application performance issues faster.


OPNET NetMapper®
OPNET Sentinel®

SteelCentral™ NetAuditor
Comprehensive network configuration management tool for network audit, diagramming, troubleshooting, and change control.



SteelCentral™ NetCollector
Multi-vendor network discovery built on a real-time network data model that infers relationships between network elements for clearer data management.


OPNET NetPlanner®

SteelCentral™ NetPlanner
Multi-vendor, multi-technology network planning and design tool with complete lifecycle support.


OPNET AppSensor Xpert™

SteelCentral™ NetSensor
Infrastructure component monitoring and synthetic testing to see how infrastructure is affecting performance and availability.


OPNET AppTransaction Xpert™

SteelCentral™ Transaction Analyzer
Multi-tier transaction analysis for troubleshooting an individual transaction and "what-if" analysis..


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University Program

Riverbed provides its Network Simulation software for free to qualifying universities worldwide for academic research and teaching.