EMA Research: DEM And DevOps Best Practices For the Digital Enterprise

Aligning Digital Service Delivery with the Speed of Innovation

What characterizes this new digital age? Rapid innovation, continuous delivery tooling, collaborative decision-making, and holistic application and network performance management tools to drive insights.


“Expectations for digital user experience have never been higher, and the bar is constantly being raised by an ever-demanding, sophisticated audience of internal and external users. Simultaneously, the complexity involved in IT monitoring is skyrocketing with cloud technology and Agile development.” – EMA Research


EMA Research has two important reports for companies embracing Digital Experience Management (DEM) and doing so using DevOps best practices.

Best Practices for Successful Digital Experience Management

Enterprises must have a comprehensive DEM solution in place to ensure excellent user experiences. This paper explains DEM principles and best practices to enable IT organizations to succeed in digital transformation.

DevOps/Continuous Delivery Tooling – Launchpad for the Digital Enterprise

For enterprises to be successful in the digital age, they must implement new ideas quickly. IT organizations, in turn, are tasks with implementing these rapid changes, forcing them to adopt agile practices. This paper explores the latest best practices of new mindsets, skillsets, and tools.