We started an ambitious IT transformation program… with some cloud-based applications such as and Amazon AWS as an IaaS provider… With everything in the cloud, Internet access becomes more critical. - Lionel Marie, Network Architect, Schneider Electric
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With multiple datacenters, branch offices, and public and private environments, the hybrid WAN faces performance limitations inherent in networks and applications – bandwidth constraints, latency, and competition among applications. Dynamic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications in particular frequently experience slow performance and deliver a less-than optimal user experience due to the distance from the cloud to the user.

As organizations migrate their data and applications into the cloud, ensuring that applications perform as needed and as guaranteed becomes critical. For cloud, SaaS, and virtual applications, reduced application visibility, loss of control, and slow or unpredictable performance, as well as difficult migrations and complex deployments, can challenge IT.

Learn how SteelHead CX for IaaS Clouds, SteelHead SaaS, and SteelHead CX for Virtual deliver the best end user experience across Hybrid WANs by optimizing application performance for cloud, SaaS and virtual applications.



Extend application optimization and acceleration to IaaS clouds, enabling business choice and agility while meeting user needs from virtually any location



Speed user access up to 33x and manage the delivery of SaaS applications including Office 365 and



Deliver application performance improvements while leveraging the scalability and cost benefits of virtualization.

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