Benefits Icon Optimize Remote User Connectivity

Reduce bandwidth utilization by 99% and increase network efficiency by 100x to enable fast, reliable remote connectivity at scale.

Benefits Icon Accelerate Business-Critical App Performance

Extend optimization to laptops for 33x faster app performance and accelerate enterprise SaaS apps, including Office 365, by up to 10x.

Benefits Icon Improve Network Resiliency and Security

Achieve 100% visibility of every packet, every flow, and all networked devices to quickly resolve performance problems and mitigate security risks.

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Compared to working from home without Riverbed Client Accelerator, it’s like we traded our underpowered economy car for a Porsche. It’s great when IT is seen as a hero.

Kevin Walgren, Technology Lead, Landform Professional Services

BakerRisk’s first step toward addressing performance issues was WAN optimization using Riverbed SteelHead appliances and Client Accelerator [formerly SteelHead Mobile] software as the majority of their employees work on laptops. “Choosing Riverbed was no contest. We have a lean IT department. We needed something that wouldn’t require a lot of care and feeding. Riverbed technology transformed the way people worked overnight. Before, a 100-gigabyte file took overnight to transfer. That dropped to around an hour.

Robert Mumphrey, Director of IT, BakerRisk

We want staff to be highly mobile and to be able to work from anywhere. We need the network to support collaboration, for colleagues to be able to send and access large CAD files wherever, whenever. Riverbed SteelHead optimizes the WAN, accelerates application delivery, and reduces bandwidth use. In addition, Riverbed Client Accelerator [formerly SteelHead Mobile] extends optimization for staff working outside the office to ensure they can be equally productive, regardless of location.

Lee Beckford, Head of IT, Hilson Moran

I was looking for ways to speed up the movement of information from various points – a solution that would provide great application performance over the network, allow for fast transfer of large files, enable effective collaboration between the professionals in the various offices, and deliver these same advantages to employees working at remote jobsites. The efficiencies and flexibility our employees have gained from Riverbed technologies translate to real dollars.

Abe Esguerra, IT Director, Dudek

Once we deployed SteelHead appliances in each of our 10 offices and gave Riverbed Client Accelerator [formerly SteelHead Mobile] to our employees who were frequently on the road, our lives changed. We were able to sync changes on Revit [building information modeling software] in seconds in some cases and we no longer worried about syncs locking out employees. Now, we're able to make changes to documents from different offices without any issue. As we no longer have to fly employees from various offices to work on projects, it means we save on travel costs.

John Robison, Director of Information Technology, Mazzetti

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