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It's time to drastically reduce UC management costs 

As the complexity of unified communication (UC) applications have increased, so have the management challenges. In order to effectively understand adoption, performance, and to troubleshoot problems, you need a holistic solution that can be used by the various operations teams.

Riverbed UCExpert manages Cisco, Microsoft Skype for Business, and Avaya unified communications environments. It collects data from application servers, devices, and end-user experience reports to provide global visibility into the usage and performance of your communication system. UCExpert offers a multi-vendor, multi-tenant user interface that supports these vendors with a common dashboard and troubleshooting workflows to drastically simplify your management costs. It enables your support and operational teams to quickly and effectively resolve UC performance and availability problems.

Proactive Skype for Business Management Reduces Costs by 60%

Efficiently manage your unified communications solution

Benefits of Riverbed UCExpert

Improve productivity

Common dashboard along with simplified troubleshooting workflows allow Operations to quickly identify the root cause and minimize end user impact.


Reduce costs

Drastically reduce cost of operations by consolidating point tools, eliminating unused technology by understanding usage and streamlining management workflows. 


Protect unified communications investments

Proactively identify issues and prevent UC outages to ensure business continuity and deliver consistently high-quality end-user experience.


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