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"[AppInternals] provides us with the ability to model and simulate changes in a network to anticipate problems before they arise in production. Secondly, it pinpoints our issues without the need for time and resources of many engineers to troubleshoot and sometimes shoot in the dark at possible solutions."

- Source: Michael Clay, Senior IT Manager, DOD


Challenges: Solved for the following challenges with Riverbed OPNET Applntemals Xpert software:

  • Prolonged resolution time for application performance problems
  • Problematic application deployments
  • Root cause identmcation for application problems
  • Finger-pointing among IT teams
  • Inadequate visibility into end-user experience


  • Is currently using other Riverbed Performance Management products with Applntemals for application performance management.
  • Currently using the following Applntemals features: All transaction captures, Analytics and correlation
  • Manages the following applications with Applntemals: Big data, Virtual
  • Uses Applntemals for the following: Testing and QA, Application operations/management, Application development, Change control, Application deployment


  • Mean-time-to-resolution is > 10 times faster since implementing Applntemals.
  • Experienced the following benefits with Applntemals: Improved application performance, Reduced cost of fixing applications, Accelerated development of new applications/features, Increased application user satisfac tionCustomer Proof verified by TechValidate.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 4A8-A22-9DE


AppInternals Model and Simulates Network Changes Before Problems Arise

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