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With Riverbed, Cricket lowers average hold time in call centers by 14,000 minutes per day, saving 3 million dollars per year.


  • Rapidly deploy highly scalable call centers anywhere in the world
  • Optimize traffic to reduce data loss and latency
  • Minimize hold times to improve the customer experience and lower costs

Cricket Communications provides affordable wireless services to more than four million customers across the United States. Founded in 1999, the company pioneered flat-rate monthly plans that offer unlimited voice and data services.

Cricket operates remote call centers outside of the United States. Due to unreliable telecommunications networks in these areas, the company's call centers were facing high data loss and latency, problems that negatively affected the customer service experience and increased the cost of every support call.

To optimize data traffic at its call centers and improve customer service, Cricket selected SteelHead Mobile from Riverbed. By offering quick remote deployment without the need for local IT support staff, SteelHead Mobile was the ideal technology to meet the company's needs.


Optimized traffic to reduce data loss and latency

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