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With Riverbed ®, Intelligrated reduced WAN traffic by 75 percent and tripled bandwidth.


  • Improved data flow across global enterprise in wake of acquisition
  • Accelerated application performance to facilitate seamless collaboration
  • Allowed small IT team to optimize network as quickly as possible

Intelligrated is one of North America's leading manufacturers of automated material handling solutions. After acquiring FKI Logistex-a company that already used Riverbed technology-in 2009, Intelligrated wanted to implement Riverbed optimization solutions across the enterprise.

To optimize Share Point, AutoCAD, PDMWorks Enterprise, and other applications, Intelligrated deployed Riverbed solutions at all of its 17 sites. After an almost effortless implementation process, Riverbed technology has helped Intelligrated dramatically reduce traffic across its global WAN and increase network bandwidth, all without the need to upgrade to larger, more costly data pipes.


Reduced WAN traffic 75%, tripled bandwidth

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