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Integrated Infrastructure Visibility

Delivering users a fast, secure digital experience even in the remotest of locations is business-critical for the resources sector. But, according to 2020 research, users find issues before NetOps a third of the time, with 224 minutes the average MTTR.

Riverbed Unified Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) gives you the visibility you need to proactively identify and resolve performance and security issues wherever they occur across complex hybrid application and network infrastructures – even before your users notice them!

Monitor, troubleshoot, analyse – fast

Riverbed Unified NPM collects all packets, all flows and all device metrics across all environments – on-premise, virtual and cloud – all of the time. This makes it easy to zero in on issues and resolve them before users even notice – improving their experience and giving them the performance they need, wherever they are.

Unified NPM Explainer

Unified NPM Explainer Video
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Significantly Enhance Service Delivery with Unified NPM

Pinpointing Application Performance Issues with Unified NPM
Network Performance Metrics That Matter
Global Mining Company
Global Mining Company

Benefits of Riverbed's NPM Solutions

Improve digital CX

Continuously monitor performance across digital solutions, video-based interactions and omnichannel experiences.


Assure cloud migration

Unified monitoring over hybrid environments helps you meet regulatory compliance in scalable, flexible alternatives to on-premises infrastructure.


Detect network security threats

The fidelity and scale of data gathered and analysed aids security teams in detecting and addressing a number of security threats.


Identify root causes

Remove blind spots and receive irrefutable proof to present to partners such as credit check services to speed resolution of performance lags.


A Global Mining Company Case Study

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