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Amplify the power of WAN Optimization by clustering multiple SteelHead solutions together

When you want more throughput or connections than just one SteelHead can provide – or if you desire a high-availability deployment option – SteelHead Interceptor helps manage and scale your enterprise-wide network throughput.
With SteelHead Interceptor, you can intelligently integrate your SteelHead optimization fabric while directing activity and network load with superior management and administration capabilities.SteelHead Interceptor delivers the only load-balancing solution capable of assessing SteelHead pressures and seamlessly steers traffic to the optimal SteelHead to continuously and efficiently scale application traffic.

What is a Load Balancer?

SteelHead Interceptor enables customers to scale optimization solutions to support hundreds of thousands of end users across an enterprise, as well as very high bandwidth connections into the data center. SteelHead Interceptor clusters groups of SteelHeads to work together seamlessly and provides:

  • Real-time dynamic load balancing of your SteelHeads
  • Enhanced optimization for even greater throughput and bandwidth reduction
  • The ability to add, modify, or remove SteelHeads in real time, with no disruption to operations
  • Clustering of up to 20 SteelHeads to manage up to one million concurrent connections
Visibility, Optimization and Control across the Hybrid WAN

How it works

TCP connection forwarding

Ensures continuity between SteelHead appliances in large environments with asymmetrically-routed networks

Supports one to four Interceptors, and up to 20 SteelHead solutions 


Multiple configuration options

Offers multiple configuration options − in series, in parallel and in quad

Delivers multiple in-path clustering and flexible network failure options


Detailed visibility

 Supports up to 10 rules, tracing up to 1,000 connections for troubleshooting

Works with the SteelHead IP Address and Port Transparency feature for more visibility

target-pinpoint-finger-icon violet

Speed with finely tuned control

Supports 1 million optimized connections

Exclusively provides hardware assist pass through

Delivers fine grain control of what traffic gets optimized and how, with configurable load balancing rules

Allows real time-cluster management without disruption to services


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Benefits of SteelHead Interceptor

  • Extended Performance and Scalability to meet increased volume and high-availability needs of Big Enterprise with high-speed 100G interfaces across multiple SteelHeads to meet peak demands for WAN acceleration patterns
  • Continues high availability operations by diverting to fully functional SteelHeads with a SteelHead or network failure
  • Offers fair peering load-balancing intelligence that steers traffic to the optimal SteelHead
  • Exclusively delivers the only load-balancing solution capable of assessing SteelHead appliances to most efficiently balance traffic
  • Integrates with Riverbed SteelCentral Controller for centralized management and upgrades 
  • Automatically load-balances th entire SteelHead cluster 
  • Eliminates transmission of redundant data to offer the most bandwidth reduction
  • Increases application and data transfer performance up to 100x
  • Delivers improved visibility with end user monitoring for all optimized traffic on premise and web and SaaS applications

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