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Breakthrough Visibility & Performance for Encrypted Apps & Traffic

Product Announcement Webcast

In this global webcast, an expert panel of network and security professionals discuss and demonstrate powerful new solutions that boost the visibility and performance of encrypted apps and network traffic across your modern IT landscape.

With workforces and applications widely distributed, the use of encryption has become critical.  And yet, encryption also carries a cost, making it harder to retain clear visibility and fine-grain control over apps and traffic. It increases the risk of cyber attacks going unnoticed and reduces the predictability of app performance for your users.

Join Riverbed and guest speaker from IDC to learn how:

  • Network and security teams are being driven to collaborate using converged tools and processes to address security, visibility and performance challenges associated with WFH, SaaS and cloud.
  • To improve detection and response of cyber attacks using powerful new threat hunting tools that give you real-time and historical analysis of encrypted traffic flows and packets.
  • New turn-key acceleration for SSL/TLS-encrypted applications instantly boosts performance by up to 10x or more for users working from home, on-premises or on the go.

Panel Members

Mark Leary, Research Director, Network Analytics

Vincent Berk, CTO, Chief Security Architect
Riverbed Technology

Brandon Carroll, Director, Technical Evangelists & Chief Demo Officer
Riverbed Technology

Marlin McFate, CTO, Public Sector
Riverbed Technology


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