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Riverbed SteelHead + AWS

SteelHead CX accelerates and optimizes IaaS workloads and SaaS applications

Built for public cloud environments, SteelHead CX for Cloud extends Riverbed’s #1 optimization solution for hybrid enterprises to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds. SteelHead CX speeds migration to the public cloud and accelerates access for users from virtually any location. SteelHead CX for Cloud delivers the best end user experience across hybrid networks by optimizing application performance for cloud and Software-as-aService (SaaS) applications. The solution helps ensure you can meet application performance SLAs for users no matter where they are located, regardless of network latency and enterprise bandwidth limitations.

SteelHead CX for Cloud Datasheet

Visibility, Optimization and Controlfor the Public Cloud
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Riverbed NPM + AWS

Monitor, troubleshoot and accelerate apps in AWS

Adopting the cloud can mean a loss of control and uncertainty. Building new apps of migrating existing ones can have unpredictable outcomes. With AppInternals bundled in, IT gets the end-to-end visibility that they need, into their cloud servers to improve performance and user experience. The cloud is no longer a black hole.

Riverbed provides full-stack application, network and infrastructure visibility and diagnosis across the hybrid cloud, along with insights on the resulting end-user experience. With this capability, DevOps teams can see the effect of code, SQL, network or system changes within minutes, and isolate root cause for quick troubleshooting and resolution.

Riverbed Unified NPM: Visibility Everywhere!

Riverbed Unified NPM: Visibility Everywhere!
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