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Benefits of integrated network and application insights

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Riverbed Portal collects and analyzes data from multiple sources, including network flows, packets, device metrics, application transactions, user experience, and synthetic tests. It presents all analysis in one console with context so ITOps teams with disparate skills can collaborate, pivoting from one point of view to another to find the source of trouble and correct it quickly.

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The complexity of today’s evolving networks and application requirements means you need full visibility across your entire enterprise network, including on-premises, private, public, or hybrid cloud environments in a single dashboard.

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Riverbed Portal redefines how companies visualize, monitor, report, and troubleshoot application performance by combining various data into a centralized, dynamic solution. Different teams get a complete picture of the network and application environment. Instead of wasting valuable time and resources assessing blame, you can rapidly diagnose and fix service issues before end users notice.

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