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What is AIOPs?

According to Gartner, AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection and causality determination. It is used to solve problems current visibility solutions fall short on. Riverbed IQ uses full-fidelity cross-domain data and applies AI techniques and automation workflows to collect diagnostic content and prioritize events for fast, focused root cause analysis.

Remediate Faster with Actionable Insights

When organizations invest in an observability platform that unifies data, insights, and actions across IT, they can resolve problems faster, eliminate data silos, resource-intensive war rooms, and alert fatigue. Riverbed IQ unified observability enables fast, effective decision-making across business and IT, codifying expert troubleshooting knowledge so junior staff can achieve more first-level resolutions, facilitates digital innovation, and continuously improves digital experience for customers and employees.

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EMA Report: Network Observability


Unlock the Power of Full Fidelity Telemetry

Comprehensive support of telemetry – across networks, infrastructure, applications, and end users – provides the foundation of unified observability.

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Apply Intelligence to Problem Detection

Riverbed IQ leverages baselining, thresholds, and change detection and correlates across time series, devices, locations, and applications for more accurate alerting and faster problem resolution.

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Harness the Power of AIOps and IT Automation


Automate the Investigation Process

Out of the box, Riverbed IQ automates troubleshooting by replicating the best practices of IT experts. Pre-built workflows gather evidence, build context, and set priorities so more of IT can fix problems and reduce escalations.

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Riverbed IQ Automates Common IT Processes

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Focus on What’s Important

Actionable insights mean IT solves the right problems fast to keep users productive. With the best data, multifaceted correlations, and workflow automation, Riverbed delivers context-rich, filtered, and fix-first insights, ready for action by anyone in IT!


Riverbed IQ: A Day in the Life of Two IT Managers


Automate Day 2 Operations

EMA’s ongoing research has found that Day 2 IT operations, such as monitoring, troubleshooting, change management, and security incident response, must be automated.

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Analyst Report

EMA: Riverbed Introduces Automation

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Resolving Challenges in Cybersecurity Observability

Integrating observability data with existing security tools is vital for a comprehensive security posture. However, the complexity and diversity of security technologies pose integration challenges. Read this EMA analyst report to learn how Riverbed IQ can integrate rich observability data for faster threat investigation.

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4 Key Benefits of AIOps

Why use AIOps and how to get the most out of it.


Technical Specifications

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Intelligent IT Automation

Use automation to gain IT efficiency, quality, and speed while reducing costs.

Hybrid Work

Deliver a seamless digital experience to your employees, wherever they work

Zero Trust Visibility

Proactively detect and mitigate issues in SASE/SSE environments.


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