Automated Remediation

Resolve issues at the lowest level possible, and as fast as possible
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Improve service and reduce costs, Mean Time to Detect, and Mean Time to Repair with AI-driven self-healing and proactive service assurance.
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More user complaints

Increasing expectations drive up ticket volumes

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Complex environments

Broad range of technologies to support

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Budget constraints

Do more with less


How Riverbed Solves These Challenges


Automate the recovery actions to the most commonly expected device, OS, or app issues, so user experience isn’t affected and no trouble tickets are required

Incident Automation in ServiceNow

Automatically create incidents in ServiceNow, populated with relevant information to enable IT staff to rapidly identify and resolve the issue

Improve MTTR and First Level Resolution Rate

Isolate the source of delay to client device, network, or back-end, for every app in the portfolio. 1-click drill-down into the application back-end to resolve app issues

automated remediation

Never Miss a Performance Problem

Capture and store billions of transactions a day across your cloud-native environment without sacrificing data granularity

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Application Performance Monitoring

Leverage business-relevant analytics with Alluvio Aternity’s Application Performance Monitoring. These APM solutions provide robust insights within a unified monitoring platform.


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