Unified Network Performance Monitoring

Integrated Network Visibility for Fast Network Troubleshooting in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Benefits of a Unified Network Performance Monitoring approach

Remove network performance blind spots in the cloud

No question, monitoring hybrid and multi-cloud environments can be challenging. Since most companies use multiple cloud vendors and multiple cloud instances, knowing who is responsible for resolving issues can be a point of contention. Riverbed unified network performance monitoring removes performance blind spots, so you can determine what’s causing your cloud problems, reduce latency in critical business initiatives, and identify the application and network issues that are driving up cloud costs.

Improve business continuity by reducing network and application downtime

In today’s digital era, it’s more critical than ever to rapidly identify and triage network performance problems to minimize downtime of your business-critical applications. Using Riverbed’s NPM solution, you gain a complete and unified understanding of your network performance – from the end user experience, infrastructure, network and applications running on the network – so you can quickly spot trouble areas and keep your business humming at peak productivity.

Improve IT productivity and efficiency

When companies take a traditional, siloed approach to managing their environment, they often get a fragmented, incomplete view of performance. As a result, IT engineers spend a lot of time analyzing data and metrics but arrive at different, often conflicting conclusions on the cause of performance problems. A unified network performance monitoring platform blends the data and metrics into an integrated whole, so all domains are working from a common dataset to solve performance problems faster and more efficiently.

Proactively detect and fix problems – before users notice

Fragmented, siloed toolsets struggle with problem detection and reactive troubleshooting. But today’s complex, hybrid networks require a unified visibility solution using AIOps to identify problems early and fast, nimble troubleshooting workflows so ITOps teams can find and fix problems before end users even notice.

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