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Networks are mission-critical to business success

Digital businesses need secure, reliable networks more than ever before. But, with today’s hybrid cloud architectures, maintaining a high-performing and secure network requires a broad view across IT domains.

Relying on a hodge-podge of narrowly focused, siloed performance monitoring tools does not provide the breadth and depth needed to diagnose complex network performance problems. Riverbed’s unified network performance monitoring (NPM) solution gathers all packets, all flows, all device metrics – all the time. Unified network performance monitoring tools maintain visibility across all environments, on-premises and cloud, to enable business-centric views across all your domains. It also integrates with end-user experience and application performance monitoring so that you can understand the impact of network performance on critical business initiatives.

> What is Network Performance Monitoring?

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Digital Transformation Demands Unified Network Performance Management
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Solution Brief
10 Steps to Better Application and Network Performance
Solution Brief

Benefits of a Unified Network Performance Monitoring approach

39% of the time, end users find issues

…before NetOps does. Spot problems before your users with our proactive monitoring. Leverage analytics to get the visibility you need to preempt problems, not react to them.


224 minutes – that’s the average MTTR

Fast enough for you? Slash MTTR by 47% and set proactive alerts with unified NPM. Integrate network flow, packet and infrastructure metrics into the same dashboards for a comprehensive view of your enterprise performance.


72% of time is spent diagnosing root cause

Unified network performance monitoring allows you to detect and resolve performance issues and security threats up to 90% faster.


The average enterprise experiences 196 security threats a year

Are you prepared? Transform your network data into cybersecurity intelligence, providing essential visibility for broad threat detection, investigation, and mitigation. Full-forensic network data delivers the crucial insights to detect and investigate advanced threats that bypass typical preventative measures, as well as those that originate inside the network.


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