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Consistently fast Microsoft 365 performance anywhere

With the explosive growth in file sharing, video meetings, and live events on M365 comes added demands on the network. Latency, congestion, and unpredictable last-mile networks can slow application delivery and limit M365 collaboration and productivity.

To maximize your investment in M365, Riverbed delivers fast, predictable performance to both mobile and globally distributed workforces.In addition, Riverbed provides comprehensive visibility into network and application health to resolve performance and security issues when slowdowns inevitably occur.

Optimize Microsoft 365 and Enhance Productivity with Riverbed

Collaboration applications such as M365 have quickly become the backbone of productivity. Discover how your business can overcome issues such as latency, congestion, and the unpredictability of dynamic workforces to realize the collaborative potential of your applications.
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Lightning fast performance from Riverbed + Microsoft

Benefits of Microsoft 365 and Riverbed

Deliver exceptional experience on Microsoft 365 for work from anywhere

Overcome latency, congestion, jitter, and the unpredictability of last-mile networks to accelerate delivery of M365 applications by up to 10x. With Riverbed, distributed workforces can expect faster, reliable services for all M365 applications including SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office Web Apps.


Identify and resolve network performance issues 67% faster

Make monitoring, troubleshooting, and security analytics easier with end-to-end visibility to help you quickly and proactively resolve any network-based performance issue. Riverbed transforms all your packet, flow, and device metrics into actionable insights so that you can deliver better experiences on M365.

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Easy, flexible deployment

Riverbed’s acceleration solution spins up in the cloud and works with any branch office SteelHead and/or Client Accelerator on mobile user laptops. Determine which applications to accelerate based on your business priorities and get started with a single click.


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