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Identify, remediate and protect against security threats
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Increasing use of cloud, SaaS, and Shadow IT apps and the permanent shift to hybrid work have expanded the range of security and compliance threats.
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Expanded threat plane

Driven by remote work and SaaS adoption

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Increasing risk

Global and domestic attacks

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Remote work

Less visibility into employees’ devices, apps and work practices


How Riverbed Solves These Challenges

Full-fidelity Forensic Recall

Capture and store every packet and flow for threat hunting investigations into suspicious network behavior

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Case Study

Automating Incident Response with Riverbed AppResponse

Incident Response Requires Packet Data


Automate Threat Investigations

Traditional security tools like SIEMs and SOARs are only as good as the intelligence they ingest. Quickly investigate threats found in traditional security tools, leveraging low-code security runbooks to gather supporting forensics from Riverbed NPM and third-party solutions.

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Why Security Forensics Needs Automation

Faster threat resolution with automated access to network insights.


Track Shadow IT

Trend the usage and performance of every application used throughout the organization to spot anomalies

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Identify, Remediate and Protect against Security and Compliance Risks


Resolving Challenges in Cybersecurity Observability

Integrating observability data with existing security tools is vital for a comprehensive security posture. However, the complexity and diversity of security technologies pose integration challenges. Read this EMA analyst report to learn how Riverbed IQ can integrate rich observability data for faster threat investigation.

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Analyst Report

Improve Threat Investigations with Observability Data

Integrating security tools into your ecosystem improves detection & mitigation

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