Increasing Visibility Into Network and Application Performance is Key to Driving Business Innovation

Elie Dib

Rethink Possible: Visibility and Network Performance — The Pillars of Business SuccessThere is an indisputable correlation between having effective technology in place and company health. So much so, that seven in ten C-Suite decision makers (70%) believe business innovation is  driven by improved visibility into network and application performance. In addition, 86% of C-Suite and IT decision makers (ITDMs), and 87% of business decision makers (BDMs), believe digital performance is increasingly critical to business growth.

This is according to Riverbed’s latest report ‘Rethink Possible: Visibility and Network Performance – The Pillars of Business Success’, which surveyed more than 1,700 technology executives, across six countries, to discover their attitudes to innovation, productivity, human behaviour and IT capabilities.

Slow running systems and a lack of visibility directly impact growth

 A key aspect of digital performance is having a seamlessly working network infrastructure. Disappointingly, this infrastructure is often quite poorly implemented and maintained. Three-quarters of respondents to Riverbed’s survey reported feeling frustrated by their current network performance, with IT infrastructure being given as the key reason for the poor performance. This is believed to have a direct impact on productivity, creativity and innovation, with almost half of the C-Suite (49%) believing that slow running and outdated technology is directly impacting the growth of their businesses.

It’s clear that businesses can’t shy away from implementing new technology if they want their company to succeed. And this technology must go beyond improving performance, it needs to deliver full and consistent visibility into the whole digital journey itself, so issues can be identified and resolved without requiring input from users. At present, one in three ITDMs don’t have full visibility over their network and applications. This must change in order for user experience to be maximised, networks to be optimised and, businesses to be future proofed in order to remain competitive.

Business priorities and challenges are evolving, technology must too

An overwhelming 95% of all respondents recognise that innovation and breaking boundaries are crucial to business success. As a consequence, 80% of BDMs and 77% of the C-Suite believe that investing in next-generation technology is vital, while over three quarters (76%) of ITDMs acknowledge that their IT infrastructure will have to change dramatically in the next five years to support new ways of doing business. Given their understanding of the importance of embracing innovative technology for future proofing their business, all leaders must take action to ensure they have the infrastructure in place to support their company through the changing business landscape.

It’s time to rethink what’s possible and evolve the digital experience

In this vein, 80% of all leaders (82% C-Suite, 84% BDMs and ITDMs) agree that businesses must rethink what’s possible to survive in today’s unpredictable world. Technology is the enabler in this process, so all leaders must come together to invest in the right solutions that embrace visibility and optimised network infrastructure as the next frontier in business success. This is key to not only driving innovation and creativity but attracting new talent. As business priorities and challenges evolve, it will be the companies who are willing to embrace technology that will flourish, while their competitors fall by the wayside. Ensure your business is one of those primed for success.

To find out more, download the full report Rethink Possible: Visibility and Network Performance – The Pillars of Business Success, view the infographic, and join in the conversation.

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