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Relax by reducing risk

Hybrid environments don’t have to make teams hyperventilate. Riverbed speeds your migration while keeping network and application performance consistently high, improving productivity and delivering a better end-user experience.

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Cloud Migration
Monitoring and
securing ongoing cloud workloads
Ensure performance across hybrid enterprise
Establishing network baselines and providing survivability analysis
Map app dependencies; measure throughput and latency for comparison to post migrationso
Predicting user experience before moving to cloud
Model app behavior to understand cloud needs
Transferring data
to cloud faster
Accelerate data migration from on-premises to cloud
Accelerating performance of cloud apps
Speed apps by 33x, reduce bandwidth by 97%, reduce cloud egress costs

Keep a third eye on
the network

Nearly two-thirds of enterprises admit that with IT no longer controlling the infrastructure, they don’t know what’s happening in the cloud. Our full-fidelity analytics give you the detail and technical insight necessary to spot issues and address situations before they become problems.

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Breathe easier
when budgeting

Riverbed eases confusion around app performance. Learn more about the impact of accelerating cloud-hosted applications and how to reduce egress costs when taking data out of the cloud.

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Make your cloud
transition a smooth one

Our end-to-end reporting predicts data and traffic expenses so you can better organize the placement of data and apps. Understanding the true cost of your cloud environments helps minimize waste while maximizing efficiency.



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See how a publishing giant
realized software performance
improvements up to 30%.

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