By using Riverbed, Avanade improves every area of network performance by up to 87 percent and saves one million dollars per year.
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Each day, more than 1,200 schools rely on networks administered by C2K to access and share educational resources. Many teachers and students use network resources to upload and download materials, putting heavy demands on the system and leading to slow network performance.

To optimize file transfers and improve the end-user experience at schools, C2K selected WAN optimization technology from Riverbed. By offering minimal downtime without the need to upgrade infrastructure equipment, Riverbed solutions helped to ensure a rapid deployment across the region.

With Riverbed, C2K accelerates file transfers and improves the user experience for both teachers and students.



  • Optimized network resources to students and educators across Northern Ireland
  • Reduced upload and download times; improved access to educational resources
  • Minimized network downtime while rapidly deploying technology to 1,200 schools


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