U.S. Architectural firm accelerates productivity to keep the designs flowing
Designers are discussing related to upcoming network architecture.


  • Shift to remote work impacted the firm’s productivity, limiting employee access to business critical applications and complicating collaboration over slow VPN connections
  • Low bandwidth and high latency from various ISPs as employees worked from home posed additional network challenges to overcome.


  • On average, 1.5 days saved per employee per week
  • On average, 75% data compression rate
  • Efficiency and productivity maintained while working remotely


Childers Architect has been creating meaningful and memorable spaces for Native American communities for over 25 years. Headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the design studio has many landmark spaces and buildings to its name, such as The Cherokee Nation Outpatient Health Center, the nation’s largest Joint Venture Native American Healthcare facility. What makes the firm’s work remarkable is the passion and care architects put into crafting emotions and well-being, not just spaces.

Childers’ servers are now optimizing the data through the Riverbed implementation on all software and applications currently accessed by the team. “Anything that has static data or programming benefits from the technology,” sums up Bell. Childers Architect is also utilizing the Riverbed SaaS Accelerator for Microsoft 365 optimization, speeding up access to email, Teams collaboration, group calendars, and SharePoint.



Proof of concept was presented by Collaboration Systems Group (CSG), a Riverbed partner. Client Accelerator and Virtual SteelHead at the data center were deployed to provide more reliable and faster remote access.


Faster file access saves each employee 1.5 days per week. Company-wide, the time savings are huge.

Philip Bell, MIS Manager

Childers Architect

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Fort Smith, Arkansas


Architecture Engineering

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