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Time to open large CAD files from home shrank from 20 minutes to 90 seconds—with Client Accelerator
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  • Ensure business continuity when employees can’t work in the office
  • Enable staff to open large CAD files from home and remote sites as quickly as they do in the main office
  • Keep existing design and IT workflows


  • 92% faster opening of large CAD files from home—from 20 minutes down to 90 seconds
  • Up to 2-3 hours daily time savings per employee, paying back investment in less than one month
  • Proof of concept deployed in less than 30 minutes
  • Overnight transition to work from home—a competitive advantage


Minneapolis-based Landform Professional Services, LLC is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm known for its SensiblyGreen® approach, with integrated site design services including civil engineering, landscape architecture, planning, urban design, and land surveying. Employees work in teams to create memorable places for cities, park boards, architects, builders, property owners, retailers, and developers across the U.S.

Landform teams have traditionally worked in one of three Minnesota studios: downtown Minneapolis, Eagan, and Elk River. In 2018, the company began enabling remote work, for business continuity and more flexibility. “We quickly implemented communications and collaboration solutions, but we also needed a way to open and collaborate on large CAD files over home internet connections,” says Kevin Walgren, Technology Lead.



  • Client Accelerator (formerly SteelHead™ Mobile) on employee laptops and desktops
  • SteelHead in data center
  • Proof of concept and virtual machine hosting (for Mobile Controller) from Collaboration Systems Group (CSG), a Riverbed partner
  • Apps delivered: AutoCAD Civil 3D, Land F/X, Sketchup, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop

One of our engineers tested Client Accelerator at home over a 100Mbps connection. A file that took 20 minutes to open without Client Accelerator opened in just 1.5 minutes—92% faster.

Kevin Walgren, Technology Lead

Landform Professional Services

landform professional services

Minneapolis, MN, USA



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